Spotlight On: Selena Victoria

Today on The Treehouse we’re turning the spotlight onto singer-songwriter Selena Victoria from Toronto, Ontario. Selena recently released her latest single, “Golden Kiss” an upbeat entrancing pop song that we were pleased to chat with her about as well as get a look at some of her dream collaborations and a little insight into her songwriting process.

Check out the official music and read on for our interview below.

Selena Victoria – “Golden Kiss”

We love your vocals in “Golden Kiss”, the entire track is very soothing. Can you tell us about how the track came together?

So grateful to be here, thank you for having me! And thank you! My track “Golden Kiss” is definitely one of my favourite records to have ever created and released. For the writing process, when I wrote this song I knew instantly what I wanted it to sound like, how I wanted the music video to look, and the essence I wanted to capture in both the production and visuals of this track. Golden Kiss is such a fun, loving, upbeat, Pop Summer Anthem that solely focuses on the emotions and euphoria that we feel when we’re in love. I definitely wanted to capture that surreal emotion in both the track itself and the music video for it as authentically as possible.

Who are some of your biggest vocal influences?

I have many vocal influences but the ones that truly started it all for me and stand out the most through the entirety of my career have always been Selena Quintanilla, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey & Christina Aguilera. Not only for their undeniable and outstanding talent, but for how melodic each of their voices are individually that make them such one of a kind artists. I grew up with their influence heavily in my life, musically and personally – they all have helped me become the artist I want to be and who I continue to strive to be.

Do you write your own lyrics or work with a team? If the former, what usually comes first for you – the melody or the words?

I do write my own lyrics, and I think what comes first for me is definitely the melody. As soon as I have a beautiful melody, the lyrics just pour out of me. I never really know what it is I’m going to be writing about until it bleeds out of me energetically, and organically. And in that moment, I know that it’s what my soul needs to release – whatever it may be, or how it might sound. Music is a beautiful way to express who you are and what you’re about.

If you could collaborate with any pop artist, who do you choose? You can only pick one.

If I could collaborate with any pop artist today, it would hands down have to be Ariana Grande. Her vocals are incredible, her music in itself is absolutely brilliant, she’s just an overall icon. And for my song “Golden Kiss” specifically, she was a huge influence on the production of this track. She is a very talented, wholesome artist whom I’d have the absolute honour working with.

Selena Victoria – “You Can Call Me Your Home”

What’s your go-to feel-good track you put on to start your day on the right note?

My go-to-feel-good track I put on to start my day on the right note would definitely have to be either “So Yesterday” by Hilary Duff or “Promise” by Vanessa Hudgens. Both of these songs were released when I was very young, but both still have such a big influence on my mood, my drive, my ambition and my determination – especially when it comes to chasing my dreams. I remember listening to these songs as a kid and feeling as though I could accomplish absolutely anything I put my mind to. It gives me the extra boost of confidence I need to start my day off right, and to go about my day with an optimistic attitude to persevere no matter what the circumstances. It also brings back that nostalgic feeling of being a kid and having the world in the palm of your hand, ready to achieve anything and everything you’ve ever dreamt of. That’s a feeling I never want to lose.

When did you start singing and at one point did you decide, “you know what, I want to take this more seriously and release records?”

I started singing at the age of either three or four, from what I remember my parents telling me and watching old home videos. But I’ve always loved music and it’s always been such a passion for me. I knew instantaneously that it’s what I wanted to do with my life and pursue for as long as humanly possible. It has always been my goal, my dream, my aspiration – a destiny I felt I was meant to achieve from a young age. I’ve never once had to question it. The intuitive feeling I embody and the vision I see when it comes to music is something that is so profound and larger than life that not even I can comprehend fully. I just know it’s a vision gifted to me by something bigger than all of us.

What’s one song you wish you wrote?

I have multiple songs that I wish I wrote but If I had to name a few, these would be the following: “Beautiful” or “Hurt” by Christina Aguilera, “My Immortal” by Evanescence, “Wildest Dreams” by Taylor Swift and “Woman’s World” or “Shoutout to my Ex” by Little Mix. All such amazing songs with powerful meanings. And a few self empowerment anthems as well.

What do you have coming up that we should keep an ear out for?

This year I am releasing the second last track from my album “Sweet Poison” and the song is either going to be called “Dancin’ On My Own” or “Less Than Beauty” – two titles I’m debating between at the moment. But yet another pop hit I’ve had in my back pocket for quite some time. Though what I love about this record specifically is that it is a self love and self empowerment anthem and just like Golden Kiss (a very uplifting and outspoken tune) but for oneself this time around. This new track will be one about choosing to love and put yourself first and why you should never be ashamed of that. I’m super excited for my fans to hear it. It’s a song that symbolizes where I am right now in my life and it’s the best decision you could possibly make. Just focusing on loving and bettering yourself advances you in so many ways, for so many different things in life. I’m beyond grateful and blessed to be in the position I’m in.

Thanks very much Selena!

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