No apologies necessary for Lenny Williams’ “Baby I’m Sorry”

So you planned it out.

You got the flowers. You’ve picked up the groceries and printed out the best recipe for filet mignon you’ve ever tasted. You already had a vintage Pinot Noir on hand – a blessing left over by your brother when he and his wife visited last week before they took off for a weekend getaway in Cape Cod, but not before teasing and tormenting you over your lacklustre love life.

The most important part? She said yes when you invited her over for dinner.

There is hope for you, yet.

It’s 20 minutes before she’s due to arrive. You’ve lit the candles when you suddenly realized you’ve forgotten an important piece of the equation and now you’re fumbling through the CD collection your dad left you in a panicked hurry. Why are there so many Flock of Seagulls records in here?

You need something that sparks romance to carry the night. You’re pulling out all the stops tonight and you just know that this woman’s not going to be impressed by “I Want To Hold Your Hand” by The Beatles – she’s heard that a million times before and besides, this woman’s an intellectual. She’s got taste.

It needs to be romantic; Tantalizing even. A little suggestive, but not overly so – you’re not trying to overwhelm her but you want to be clear about your interests and where you want to take this.

You want her to feel moved the way she moved you when you saw her dancing at LAVO Nightclub in Manhattan. You weren’t even going to hit up the club that night. This was fate.

And there it is. You let out a sigh of relief as you abandon the CD collection for your iPhone and pull up your music streaming app. It’s the the lead-off track on a new Valentine’s Day Spotify playlist just waiting for the right moment to be played.

In the first moments of hearing it, you know you’ve found the right one.

“Baby I’m Sorry,” by Lenny Williams is a soulful RNB track that’s seductive from the first note, compelling you to stay late into the night despite that 8AM budget meeting you’ve gotta be at tomorrow. You’ll be grooving along to the bass line immediately but it’s the brass section that’ll be turning your head – and hers. The only thing more alluring than the impassioned saxophone is Lenny’s heartrending vocals weaving in and out of the band in its own provocative dance.

If you’ve been finding yourself nostalgic for RNB artists like Boyz II Men, Deborah Cox or Dru Hill than you’ll feel right at home with Lenny Williams.

The only problem? After you’ve put away the dishes and scooped off the remaining delectable strawberry creme from the shortcake you shared for dessert, she leans passed the dimming candles just inches from your face and you’re prepared to go in for that kiss you’ve been dreaming of all night long.

Your lips part as do hers… and she moves past you to pick up the iPhone sitting on the edge of the couch you’re relaxing on and gestures to you to unlock it.

“Can you just play that track one more time?”.

It would appear she’s smitten, but not for you, baby. I’m sorry.

Keep up with Lenny Williams on their website or social media channels below.

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Deborah Cox – Beautiful U R
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