Static Unveiled – S2 E3: No Sensitivity

This week’s episode features No Sensitivity.

Listen to the episode now on Spotify or read on for the official transcript below:

Official Transcript:

I remember coming across No Sensitivity for the first time kind of randomly while watching other videos – it just sort of popped up. 

I must’ve heard Bleed American a thousand times by then already but that track wasn’t included in any sort of promotions over here, at least none that made their way to me back then, and the internet was at a weird point then, too, where not absolutely everything was as easy to find as a simple google search. Not that you’d know what to look for necessarily, anyways. 

No Sensitivity has one of the band’s catchiest choruses which makes it instantly memorable – which is why it’s a little annoying that it took someone like me so long to come across it. 

The band blew the dust off of it and played it when they were in Toronto recently which was a welcomed and surprising change – it’s another one I hadn’t seen live. I don’t even think they played it in Chicago when they ran through the whole record. 

I don’t know if I only feel this way because it was left off the record, but I feel like that was a major misstep. If I could, I would’ve parked this one instead of Your House. It fits the album perfectly while still carrying a lot of the characteristics that made the bands earlier records like Static so memorable, where I still to this day feel like Your House is a bit of an outlier, although I suppose it served well to help move the band into the softer direction they take on later releases. 

It also has one of the best outros of their entire collection. 

I have nothing else to say this week. 

Here’s my cover of “No Sensitivity” with a bit of a punch.

Jaimee Eat World – No Sensitivity
Jimmy Eat World – No Sensitivity

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