SIR-VERE Alleviates the Tension With Peer Pressure

Over a driven electronic house drum and bass beat, SIR-VERE effortlessly persuades us to draw back from the pressures we face in our daily lives by drawing attention to the elephant in the room that we all try so desperately to avoid – we all just want to be accepted.

SIR-VERE – “Peer Pressure”

As we’re lured in by the rhythmic pulse by the repeating bass line on “Peer Pressure” we’re forced to examine ourselves and our insecurities as SIR-VERE tells us why we’re at the discothèque tonight; “Fear of being left out, what it’s all about.”

We’d be lying if we said that this very fear isn’t what drives us to listen to music in the first place – to find a sense of community and connection without losing ourselves.

But losing ourselves is sort of exactly what happens next – in a good way. As we get into the chorus which is insatiably catchy for all of its simplicity as the drum and bass bang on, we’re woven in and out between emphatic synth sounds that seem to tickle at our feet to get us to start jiving along to the beat.

Ironically, the production on the song is almost full of exactly what the song’s lyrics would have us avoiding – it wants us to join in so badly, but like, let us go at our own pace, okay?

But by the time we enter the second verse and SIR-VERE’s engrossing English accent comes again though the speakers with, “Overcome that fear of being left out,” we’re moved to do just that.

We might not know how to dance to British electro yet, but hell if we’re going to be the last ones standing against the wall when “Peer Pressure” comes through the club playlist.

When you’ve finished listening to “Peer Pressure” and inevitably find yourself wanting more, check out the two remix’s by Vodzilla and S-Vas on Bandcamp.

“Peer Pressure” is featured on SIR-VERE’s forthcoming album “Lovescope” due out on March 27th, 2023.

The band, made up of Craig Hammond, Ian McEwan, Gary Morland and Stevie Vega, can be seen performing the record live beginning on February 24th at Milton Keynes Craufurd Arms in their hometown. Buy Tickets here.

Keep up with SIR-VERE by visiting their website and following their social media channels.


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