Static Unveiled – S2 E1: Through

Static Unveiled returns today with episode 1 of Season 2.

Just some brief thoughts on “Through” and where our head is at today as we buckle down for another day of recording and mixing these covers.

As with before, I’ll try to keep these episodes weekly, so see ya next Wednesday!

Listen to the episode now on Spotify or read on for the official transcript below:

Official Transcript:

I’ve been saying over the last couple weeks that it was almost time to bring back this podcast after our winter break as though I’d already completed some episodes, but the truth is that I hadn’t really planned it out at all and was just waiting for when it felt like a good time to jump back in.

I’ve decided that day is today and the featured cover of this episode is “Through” because I just finished it and I’m most excited to share it.

Back in 2020 just before I posted my first Jimmy Eat World acoustic cover of “Polaris”, “Through” was on the short list to take its place.

I’ve always been really drawn to the production on the original track, but it’s really because of what the track is saying and where I was standing in that moment that I felt it should be re-captured in some way.

Here’s the original:

I love the original guitar line so that meant for me I had to both avoid it entirely but allude to it in some way. I ended up doing something similar enough that to me reminds me of the original but then added two other guitar lines that make the whole thing stand its own.

Lyrically this is another favourite of mine for two reasons.

In the verses I completely get it – if you’ve ever caught yourself stuck in a conversation with someone who you know it out right lying to you, you can relate immediately to the apathy of this one.

By the second verse, I’m still right there – I’m there still tolerating that conversation and trying to figure out what’s worth arguing about, because on the one hand, as annoying and senseless it is to allow it, sometimes you still need those people that are trying to pull one over on you, for whatever your reason is.

The chorus in this one is exactly what I’ve often come back to this band for – to hear the things that nobody else is saying to me that I need to learn to apply to my own situations. Of course it’s just vague enough to leave you a little confused and returning to the track as though you’ve missed something until you finally figure out what you need from it – another staple of Jimmy’s.

Sometimes I wish I’d kept some notes about what I thought of these songs when I first listened through them compared to what I think about now because they’re probably such different takes depending on where I was in my life then.

If back then I was lost in a tunnel, I still am today – further along, but it’s darker now and there’s no indication of where it ends. I keep going because there’s nothing else in here and I could lay down, but I’m afraid of rats and you just know they’re in here with us.

So I guess we’ll keep moving through.

Support the project by purchasing Through on our Bandcamp page or make a donation to the Believe In What You Want fundraiser for mental health.

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