Big Condo Records offers the comforts of home with a view to the U.K’s best indie

Construction finished on the panoramic penthouse suite in 2015, at the time catering to the local Liverpool hip-hip, soul and R&B artists that were seducing the patrons of the area’s lounge bars and live music venues, but it wasn’t long before Big Condo Records set its sights beyond the River Mersey and into the U.K’s bustling pop, folk and indie scenes.

The next few years to follow would be full of little victories made possible by the team that just won’t sleep, putting on local shows to showcase their robust roster and releasing some of the countries most exciting music since oh… somewhere around the 1960’s when a group of mop-top scallywags were causing a ruckus on the rooftops of Savile Row.

Not ones to confide themselves into a singular box and having proven their ability to find the diamonds in the rubble, today their artists are a mixed bunch; They cater to all music genres and there’s a little something for everyone to enjoy.

Please help yourself to our sample platter while you take a look around:

Emerging out of the indie folk ring is Emily Callacher, a dreamy-pop rock n’ roll singer songwriter signed in 2021. Her most recent release “Fragments” is enticing as it is soothing, listen to it here:

Emily Callacher – “Fragments”

Like the label itself, Emily isn’t one to shy away from genres that might seem out of her realm; she’s been heard collaborating with fellow Big Condo Records hip-hop artist Royzy Rothschild on 2022’s “Lonely Road”.

Royzy Rothschild ft. Emily Callacher – “Lonely Road”

Bringing emotionally charged energetic rock to the label is 3-piece Dreams Regent from Merseyside. Their 2022 single “Wasteland” is a brisk bubbling geyser rich with melodic indie flourish sure to liven any party.

Dreams Regent – “Wasteland”

Other artists on the roster include The Glass Skies, Sophie Li, Brian Hobbs, Donno, Christy Myers, Miss Stylie, Charliee and Hikstr. You can learn more about them here:

Most recently in 2022 the label has taken home Love For Music’s award for Best Independent Record Label and with so much land available for development, you’re sure to start seeing new plans for accommodation raised on your local billboards. As they say in real estate, your best deal comes from a pre-construction agreement, so it’d be worth giving them a call before all the suites are reserved.

For more about Big Condo Records check out their website and social media channels.


Need some more ear candy? Check out these recommendations from the CF team:
The Glass Skies – “Holding On”
Royzy Rothschild x Miss Stylie – “Henney in me Cup & im Feeling Fine”
Brian Hobbs – The Conversation – In The Live Lounge @ White Bear Studios

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