Jaimee Eat World Release: In The Same Room

We’re taking some risks this year with our upcoming cover song releases starting with an ominous and somewhat creepy “In The Same Room” that had us experimenting with synth pads, weird string instruments and peculiar vocal effects. I’m really not a keys player (I literally have to google chord shapes every time I’m about to try something on these recordings) but I have to say I was elated when I came up with the piano line you hear in the bridge ahead of the final chorus. It if nothing else is why I hope people actually listen to this track, but if not, I enjoy it plenty on my own.

Static Unveiled returns in a couple weeks, make sure you’re following us on Spotify to catch the new episode when it drops.

Listen to Jimmy Eat World’s original recording first:

Jimmy Eat World – “In The Same Room”

And now here’s mine:

Jaimee Eat World – “In The Same Room”

The band’s original recording is so delicate and pretty by comparison that it might be too far of a stretch from where we started for hardcore fans of the band, but I think it’s a cool alternate that leans further into the early aggressive style the band held in their 1994 release.

Anyways, that’s all subjective, let’s get into lyrics ’cause they’re otherwise so not subjective at all.

In The Same Room starts out with us immediately dissolving slowly into madness just as our antacid tablet dissolves into our water glass after a particular spicy tandoori chicken dish, as we purposefully block out all other sounds to hear the voice of presumed reason that exists within our own headspace. This interpretation is what fuelled the direction of our cover recording so we’re going to keep running with it for this lyric breakdown.

Now, we’re immediately called to a pause when we’re forced to consider our own ego’s as almost human-like entities within ourselves, imagining them as wee script writers mapping out the pathway to our futures on tiny typewriters sandwiched somewhere between our temporal, parletal and frontal lobes as our driving life-forces ooze ever carefully inside its delicate but sticky keys.

They’re certainly no strangers to the task at hand having established a steady routine within the brain space of our ancestors but we always hesitate when they hand us our walking papers, don’t we? Some might say it’s wise to be cautious when dealing with the proverbial spiritual forces which guide us, but without knowing the potential for its outcome it seems odd we’re so adverse to a little risky business.

I digress.

It is however an equally foolish endeavour to challenge these articulate gleaming fluttery fairies; The master plan they’ll have us believe is entirely too large and powerful for any one of us to tackle alone, no matter the strength of our will nor the vigor of our weighty spirit.

So few are willing to harbour the responsibility of such a task and so it remains the road so few travel. You must be inclined to give up all that you have ever known and not known and give your entire conscious being to the fight ahead and dispose of those who are not as committed and keen to battle alongside you when the challenge summons you into its cage for combat.

The way to prepare for this is equally distributed between the ability to adapt to whatever resources you have available and the acute sense to know when to stop; To be still; To be silent; To listen to the ever-dilligent caped-crusader worker bee within.

It is when you have committed to grinding through the narrow cavernous walls that lead to this heightened sense of promise and fulfilment that you’re compartmentalized into your appropriate channel; the one who squeezes through the sliver between the magnificent mountains despite appearing entirely too large to fit, and the one who returns to the Dojo for more guidance before deciding whether or not you are among those who are durable enough to withstand the trials that will only become more and more difficult as you travel through these brazenly hypothetical mystical worlds.

When you are ready, you will burn your entire former house to the ground until there is nothing left to return to, and so you must press on; Rebuild stronger. Better. Faster. Harder.

I watched a movie recently called “Chalk Lines” (it’s on Netflix) in which a young girl is abandoned in the middle of a road and taken in by a family whom she does not share the spoken language. She is so fearful of her new environment that she will only walk within chalk-outlines as they are drawn by those who found her. It’s the type of restriction that is certain to lead the most mentally sound into utter insanity and it most appropriately sums up our interpretation of “In The Same Room” where we cannot truly live until we are strong enough to erase the chalk outlines which constrain us.

Until then, the music box plays on – and it only knows one song.

Support the Jaimee Eat World project by buying “In The Same Room” on Bandcamp!

Our bandcamp page is brand new but it’s going to be the home of all our covers. As we finish albums, we’ll put the songs in the respective places and see what kind of record we ended up making. You can support me and the project by buying the songs here with all the proceeds going towards the Believe In What You Want fundraiser in support of mental health services via CAMH.

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