Jack Adamant finds all the right words in “Obscure Places and Cupboards”.

Flying under the punk rock radar comes Jack Adamant, a solo artist out of Stockholm, Sweden who takes alternative grunge, melodic noise rock and pop-punk and approaches them in a lo-fi DIY manner to create an alluring and memorable sound that tips a hat to artists like The Lemonheads or Hüsker Dü.

“Obscure Places and Cupboards” seems to take us directly into the home of Jack with a lot on his mind and a lot of questions that beckon for answers.

Right off the title track Jack hits us with “Can’t find the words to begin with all the things I hate to say, there’s no need to believe that this is the time to live in”, sung over a snappy filtered guitar line rich with harmonics in a style akin to that of midwest pop-punk/emo band Motion City Soundtrack. It’s jumps into an abysmal state of dejection that plucks our pop-punk heartstrings in a warm familiarity leaving us wanting to grab a cup of cocoa and a blanket as we settle in for a long awaited emotional breakdown.

The follow up track “You First” almost nods in the direction of California punks Rancid, so it isn’t long before we’ve thrown off the blanket in favour of our best Converse kicks to jump and twist along.

Jack Adamant – “You First” (Official Video)

The contrast between the upbeat arrangements and Jack’s interpretation of the world around him are at times so vast that you almost miss what he’s saying entirely as you bop your head along to the beat, but it’s when you take the extra moment to step inside Jack’s head and hone in on the lyrics of this record that you really start to appreciate the complexities he’s so casually addressing.

In “Brush Your Teeth With A Smile” we wholly understand the friction Jack feels when things aren’t going the way he wants them to and how that hurt and anger presents itself. The track itself is so danceable but the frustration is palpable as he says, “Splatters of pride merged in a pile of shit, the slightly sense of humiliation overwhelms me”.

On “Space Frame” he takes an introspective look at himself saying, “The wonder is a man who finds a place, my wonder is a shame” and leaves us wondering where Jack feels he’s heading and what he might be holding back that seems to be stopping him from getting there. Not long after, we’re reminded about what’s most important to hold as he speaks about gratitude for his family on the playground; It carries us out of our own desolate slump and into an aspiration for better things.

The record culminates with a short but heart-wrenching “Here and Still”, a 1 minute track where Jack speaks to us from a hospital, worried about whatever’s to come next. He says to us as the final note rings “Fading out of sight when it’s so late in the night, here and I’m still scared”.

And suddenly we remember how fragile we are.

Jack Adamant’s “Obscure Places and Cupboards” is available for purchase or to stream on his bandcamp page.

For more, check out their website and social media pages below:

Website: https://jackadamant.com/

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