The 30’s put systemic oppression on trial in “Justice Partners”

With their latest release “Justice Partners”, The 30’s jump right out of the gate with a high energy heart-pumping melody and insistent vocals that immediately tell you this band isn’t here to mess around. While the catchy metal-infused guitar riffs are sure to grip your attention, it’s not long before lead vocalist Katerina’s assertive presence demands you turn your attention to the songs lyrics and its politically driven message.

The 30’s – “Justice Partners”

It’s not often that bands are brazenly calling out against systemic oppression and racism as The 30’s boldly do in “Justice Partners”, at one point saying, “Every time they find someone else to blame, what is a klansman by any other name? They traded in their white robes for suits and ties”, we’re quickly reminded that the imagery that is often used to associate with extremist groups like the aforementioned klansmen isn’t necessarily what we should be looking for in 2023; Instead we might be better to look at the the policies that are made and enforced by current sitting members of our governments who otherwise look no different than your local bank teller or retail salesperson. The observation is done in such a simple straightforward fashion that you can’t help but at once feel pulled into action, determined to join the band in rectifying the social injustices plaguing our communities.

Hailing from L.A and Toronto respectively, The 30’s is a pop-punk/emo power duo whose sound mimics that of a grittier Paramore, while the guitar work would have you reminiscing about the earlier records of A Day To Remember or Escape The Fate. No doubt that this band wouldn’t have felt out of place on the Warped Tour and any fans from this era of the scene are sure to be drawn to their attitude-heavy sound.

“Justice Partners” comes from the band’s 2022 EP “Seasonal Depression” and is available on streaming services.

For more, check out their website and social media pages below:


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