Mail Call! The Canada Post Project has arrived.

Blues Clues Mail Time Song

In the wake of the hottest tour coming through North America for those aged out of Taylor Swift’s demographic, one that will challenge indie-pop sensation Benjamin Gibbard as he sets out to prove if he has the endurance of working class modern rock power house Bruce Springsteen – yes of course you know, we’re talking about the 20th anniversary tour of Death Cab for Cutie’s “Trasatlanticism” and The Postal Service’s “Give Up” records in which Gibbard’ll playing back to back shows as himself — enters a new kid out of the snowy shadows of eastern Canada and her fingers might be callused but damnit if she isn’t ready to get in the ring.

From the creative hive behind Death Bus for Blondie which reimagines only the best Death Cab for Cutie’s songs with the passion only a true suburban pop-punk raised on Fun Dip and Pizza Pops could muster brings you The Canada Post Project, an indie-rock hologram dreamt up one night some 15 odd years ago by Adam Brody as he came to after a rough night of chardonnay on a Malibu beach, as the legend goes.

The Canada Post Project is making their way west to the field of dreams (San Fransisco, California) to see The Postal Service live and in colour, but before they get there they aim to bring you a new spin on an old synth with their fourth-coming album (title undisclosed at the time of this press briefing).

Kicking things off, here’s “Clark Gable”.

The Canada Post Project – “Clark Gable”

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Happy New Year everybody, let’s make this a good one.

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