Here With Me

I’ve been walking a thin line
I’ve been swinging off balconies
I’ve been waiting such a long time
Just to have you here with me

I’ve been letting go of old dreams
I’ve been fishing upstream
I’ve been crawling under barbed wire
Choosing sickness over sleep
To be sure of what I see
To have you here with me

I’ve been taming dragons
Healing people in the street
I’ve been ignoring warning signs 
A train engine out of steam
A coal mine beyond deplete 
And still you’re not here with me

I’ve been fighting with a vengeance
Taking hits from every angle
I’ve conceded from the pressure
The door ajar
Certain it misled you
I left an invitation within the ledger

I scaled back with intention
I carved a new path with well lit direction
After careful deliberation
Removed myself from the equation
Set a stage with your name in the credits
Posted flyers, sold the tickets
Drew the curtain
Made my exit
A hero’s welcome
Few receive it

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