Interview: Zara Martin

From the interview archives.

Zara Martin is no stranger to the fashion world as she is regularly booked to DJ prestigious events for such esteemed designers as Tom Ford, Versace, Chanel and more.  In addition to her production work, Zara also models and hosts events as well as collaborates on unique collections, like her own line of headphones. VULKAN caught up with Zara to talk all things music, fashion and her future aspirations. 

Who are some of your favorite DJ’s to watch these days?
Future Cut, who are 2 music producers who started off as Drum and Bass DJs and now doing again. They are DJing Fabric soon and can’t wait for that.  Mark Ronson is still amazing – I used to sneak into this club in London on Tuesday nights to hear him play hip hop.

You wear many hats, between Djing, hosting shows, acting as an ambassador for charities, and collaborating on accessories and even your own headphones…. How do you push yourself to stay focused and productive when the stresses of all of these things begin wearing you down?
I don’t know, I’m the biggest procrastinator! I leave everything until the last minute, BUT I’m pretty organised and when I’m feeling inspired to do something or create, I literally can’t stop. 

What is one thing you wish you had more time in your busy schedule to do?
Sleep. Or learn to play the piano.

What is one fashion miss that you hope never becomes trendy again?
I hate crocs.

Which designers do you think are truly innovating fashion today?
I think the NEWGEN designers like Richard Malone & Paula Knorr always bring something fresh and are the ones to watch at London Fashion Week. 

What song do you put on in the morning to get you pumped up and excited for the day ahead?
Nothing, I like silence in the morning. But if I had to it would probably be Syd right now.

What does a day off for you look like? Where do you go and who do you spend it with?
I head straight to the Workshop Gymnasium and spend some quality time with my trainer and friend Lee Mullins. 

Many times young women will stay away from things like DJing because of the boys club mentality that is the music industry, what would you say to those that are apprehensive about getting involved?
That it’s not a reason to do something you want to do??!!! I think that’s changing anyway; there are so many amazing women in the music industry.

Who is one role model that you yourself look up to?
Brita Fernandez Schmidt who runs the charity Women For Women which I’m an ambassador for. I could not respect her more, she has devoted her life to changing the lives of others.

If you could collaborate with any one artist today in fashion, music, or otherwise, who do you choose? Someone like Virgil Abloh would be cool – he’s also a DJ and a sh*t hot designer 🙂

What is one project you are proud to have worked on and what was your involvement?
I’m super proud of my headphone collaboration with SkinnyDip which is still going strong 3 years later! It’s available world wide now… I was in New York last week and was so surreal to see them on the shelves at Urban Outfitters!

What’s your favorite kind of party scene?
I’ve spent so much time in nightclubs I am repulsed by them now lol… these days I like a low key house party vibe. 

Do you have any big aspirations or resolutions for 2018?
I don’t believe in in resolutions, but I definitely believe in big aspirations 🙂

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