Interview: Thomas Robinson

From the interview archive.

When did you first get interested in basketball?
I first got interested in basketball at a young age, maybe around 8 or 9. My mom and my older cousin Mack would take me to the park and I would play with the older guys there. Actually, my whole life I played against older guys; it kinda helped me as I got older. 

It’s minutes before a big game, what song do you put on to hype yourself up?
Usually the last minutes before a game I would play Meek Mill’s “Used To.” It has the right mood and lyrics that just help get me locked in. I always choose Meek because I feel he’s misunderstood by a lot of people but continues to succeed in his lane. 

I understand you hope to continue playing for the Lakers. What is it about this team and city that keeps you wanting more?
I definitely would love coming back to lakers. The city itself just presents so many opportunities for someone like me outside of basketball. I have a vision of becoming an icon in all the right ways outside of basketball and being here helps a lot. I call it convenient opportunities. 

Playing on the Lakers, you’re with some of the top athletes in the league, how do you handle that pressure?
The legends and ex players that you come in contact with while being a Laker are moments, and some of the conversations are priceless. I honestly can say instead of pressure it has made me wanna step my game up; it gave me confidence. 

What have you learned from your teammates in the last year?
There was a lot to learn from my teammates. I was considered one of the older players, but guys like Metta taught me a lot this year and stayed in my ear teaching me. Confidence is key!  

Without choosing anyone on your own team, who’s your favourite player in the league to watch?
Outside of my teammates, when it comes to watching players I would say Lebron James. His whole approach to the game at this moment is perfection, on and off of the court. 

Basketball players are known for their strong sense of style off the court, how would you describe yours?
I would have to say my style is like a humble brag lol. Like, I don’t try, but there will always be something to my fit that stands out [naturally], if that makes sense.

If you weren’t an athlete, what do you think you would be doing?
I would probably be exactly what I am when I’m not playing basketball now, and that’s a businessman! Or some type of music producer. 

When you have a night off in a different city, where do you go? Bars or clubs or do you look for something more low key?
I usually stick to the low key things. Something that’s chill but fun at the same time. I’m a laid back person, so I’m looking for all chill vibes. 

What advice have you been given by coach Luke Walton that you’ll never forget?
The best advice I’ve gotten from Luke as a coach is “F*** the outsiders, they don’t know how much work you put in!” Haha

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