Interview: Melvin Gregg

Do you think your studies in marketing helped you build your social media following; if so, how? 

Although I studied marketing I can’t say it helped me build a following. When I was in school, digital marketing wasn’t part of the curriculum. I always mention I studied it because it makes the story sound better, but honestly I didn’t learn much.  I always had a natural talent for business; buy cheap, sell high, maximize exposure, increase demand. In pre-school I would sprinkle glitter on shoestrings and complete magic tricks and then marketed the strings as magic by selling them to my classmates. Throughout my youth, I always had a hustle, shoes, candy, toys, and cars, whatever I could flip. Moving to Los Angeles, I became the product and I knew my content would serve as commercials. Next I’m flipping movies.

What genre did you gravitate towards when you first gained an interest in short

When I decided to compose short form content, I knew comedy was the route. I had never performed comedy before and I was never the class clown or ever really been social. I watched comedy on Vine to learn the format. Once I felt I had a good grasp of it, I immediately started storyboarding content.

How has having 6 sisters impacted the way you view women and the world? 

I feel that Growing up with six sisters made me tougher. Five of my sisters are older than me and our relationships are a lot different from that of my younger sister and I. With my younger sister, I am very protective like a father more so but with my older sisters its more sibling like, but very different with each one. I think this helped me understand women better as a whole.

What’s your favourite part about working on UnREAL as Zach Taylor?

The best part about working on Unreal was the opportunity to learn. I had a lot of time to observe all facets of production. 

What would you say is the biggest difference between yourself and Zach? 

The biggest difference between myself and Zach is how we approach women.  Zach didn’t show enough interest in Serena early on, he was just happy to be there. He didn’t press her until it was too late. If you want to play hard to get, you have to really engage a woman’s interest first.  I’m a lot more forward than Zach.

Would you ever appear on a reality dating show, if so, which one?

No I’d never appear on a reality dating show. Reality TV doesn’t fit my personality and I feel it’s truly impossible to find real love on a dating show, nothing there is real. If you don’t believe me watch UnReal.

Who are some of your personal favourite entertainers today?

My personal favorite entertainers are Donald Glover, Tom Hardy, Idris Elba, Drake, Christian Bale and Michael B. Jordan to name a few.

If you had the opportunity to write with anybody on an original series, who do you choose and why?

If I could choose to write with anyone it would be Aaron McGruder. Growing up I was a huge fan of the Boondocks, and I truly believe it was before its time.  The social commentary was always spot-on and the way it was masked in comedy was pure genius in my opinion.

What’s one character you have previously portrayed that you would have liked to spend some more time exploring? 

When I land a role, I try my best submerge myself into the character. If I had the opportunity to explore a role more it would be LaShawn, the character I played in Hulu’s Freakish. I feel he played a role in the series, but outside of that he wasn’t really a person.

What is your favourite medium to share your work?

My favorite medium to share my work is video; it’s the most honest.

What can you tell us about High Flying Bird?

What I can tell you about High Flying Bird is that I was surrounded by an amazing cast and crew, and that I am more than excited to see the final film. Working with Steven Soderbergh was an incredible experience.

Are you a big basketball fan? Who are you rooting for if so?

I am a basketball fan. My team is the Lakers so ehhhhhh, we’re building!. As far as the playoffs, I’m cheering for the Lebron’s.

You’re also currently filming Same Difference which sounds very compelling. What are your personal thoughts on reconciling with those who have wronged you? 

Reconciling with those who have wronged me? I try not to let negativity affect me emotionally, physically or productively.  I focus on positivity.

What’s the biggest goal you have your sights on right now? 

My biggest goal is leaving the world a better place than I found it.

Anything else upcoming that you can share with us? 

American Vandals Season 2. You don’t want to miss it.

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