Interview: Megan Tandy

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Former Miss California USA turned actress Meagan Tandy has been seen in a wide variety of roles and series from Jane By Design to Teen Wolf and most recently, Survivor’s Remorse. VULKAN caught up with Meagan to talk about her experiences working on Survivor’s Remorse and her recent appearance in The Mayor. Upcoming, you can see Meagan on CBS’s new comedy series, 9JKL.

Starz announced earlier this year that Survivor’s Remorse will be ending after this season. How does it feel when you receive news that a series you’re working on is ending? 

Finding out a series I’ve been working on is getting the ax is never fun. It always brings up a little sadness especially if I’ve fallen in love with the character that I’m playing (re: Allison/Survivor’s Remorse, Braeden/Teen Wolf). When a show is canceled it also means you don’t get to see the amazing cast and crew in that setting any longer and that is always unfortunate.

If you had to choose one person from the series that was an all-star team player for you, whether it was your hair and makeup artist killing it every day, or a fellow actor that helped you keep your head cool, who do you choose?

The MVP of Survivors Remorse for me will always be Mike O’malley, the creator of the series. Mike is an incredible human and was such a pleasure to work with. He has a heart of gold and really cares about what he’s putting on screen. My acting chops got a lot stronger and more specific the minute I came in contact with his material and had the pleasure of working under his creative spell my first season of Survivor’s Remorse. I can only hope and pray that our paths will cross again because he surely is the real deal.

Is there something you wish you had more time to develop with your character Allison or the story as a whole?

I loved Allison’s journey on the show. I would’ve loved to see where Allison and Cam would have ended up. Just when their love story was really unfolding, a road block shot Allison in a different direction from Cam. Where that road would have lead them ultimately would’ve been nice to see and to film.

What will you miss most about this cast and team?

I will miss the work ethic that every single person had and brought to set each day.  I have never felt more loved, welcomed and supported as a storyteller before being on this set. Every single day I was met with professionalism and with great smiles and positive energy from everyone. That credit goes to Mike O’malley. He made sure everyone on the crew and cast felt right at home and we really were.

How was your experience on set of The Mayor? 

I had such a wonderful time filming “The Mayor”! Everyone from the cast to the crew were incredibly friendly and welcoming. It was such a fun, new energy and every day was full of so many laughs. I believe that show is breaking some new up and comers who we’re going to be seeing on screen for years to come.

What made you want to play the role of Danielle?

I thought Danielle would be a really fun character for me because she is the absolute opposite of me. Danielle was obsessed with instagram likes, status, and using Courtney Rose to further her personal agenda. She was so self absorbed. It was fun to be able to play a character like that in a comedy specifically. Her characteristics were so shallow that it was fun to be able to make fun of it and bring humor to it. I’ve been wanting to do more comedy so this gave me an amazing opportunity to do so.

What’s one way you would say you’re very different from Danielle?

Danielle and I are extremely different in that I am not self absorbed and I am not ever going to use someone for instagram likes or to further my  “fame.” I genuinely have no interest in any of that.

What’s one actress that you believe has had a remarkable career, that you yourself would aspire to on some level?

I love Halle Berry’s story. She, too, was a former beauty queen. She was able to break free of that stereotype and create a name for herself doing what she loves.

How do you handle it when a character you’re playing is put in a situation that makes you a little uncomfortable? 

I handle uncomfortable scenes or uncomfortable story plots by really evaluating what it is I’m not liking about it. I sometimes will discuss it with my team (depending upon what it is). Ultimately I end up doing it because it’s what’s being asked of me. At the end of the I am a storyteller and I have to remember I’m telling stories that are not always my own but are stories that could potentially represent someone else in the world who may find encouragement by seeing it on screen.

I understand you’re a Lakers fan, who’s your favorite player to watch?

My family and I were HUGE Kobe Bryant fans. You just can’t ignore that he was literally the absolute best on that team and one of the absolute greats that the sport has ever seen. I remember when I was younger and watching his very first game as a Los Angeles Laker. The kid was on fire. He was just so powerful and highly respected amongst his peers and definitely all Laker fans.

Do you prefer to watch the game with your girls or with the boys? Little bit of both?

Growing up I always enjoyed watching the games with my family. It is one of my favorite childhood memories honestly. But now that I’m older, I love heading to the games with my girlfriends. It’s honestly a lot of fun!

What’s one thing you would say you learned from your time doing beauty pageants that has helped you in your acting career? 

Pageants are definitely great practice for having confidence in a room full of people, one-on-one with someone or on a big stage. I definitely snagged more confidence being able to answer random questions .

Pick 1 director, 1 writer and 1 actor to co-star with. The genre is comedy. Who do you choose?

Michael Lembeck would be my director. Mike O’Malley would be my writer. And Chris Tucker during his “Money Talks” and “Rush Hour” type of comedy days would be my co-star!

What is one thing that you will be putting on your New Year’s resolution list for 2018?

One thing that will be on my 2018 New Year’s resolution list is to cook more & dine out less.

Do you have another project on the go that we should be keeping an eye out for?

You can keep an eye out for me on a new CBS half hour comedy show called “9JKL.”  I was very excited to snag this role because it put me back in half hour comedy which is a genre I absolutely love and wish to do more of! I have my fingers crossed for some other opportunities as well.

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