Interview: Liane V

From the interview archives.

Liane V shot to the forefront of social media when she began posting videos to Vine, and today her presence attracts over 4.5 million followers on platforms like Instagram. She’s a model, a singer, YouTube personality and events host that is always looking for new ways to expand her creative reach. VULKAN caught up with Liane to talk about her recent collaboration with GUESS and what we can expect from her as we enter 2018. 

Your career really took off after you started to use Vine. What attracted you to that platform initially compared to others and did you think that your presence would lift off as well as it did?

I had been using apps like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook before, but my friends told me about Vine and said it was going to blow up one day. It was very different compared to other apps but I enjoyed it. I used Vine to create fun content with my friends and it became a hobby for us. Within 5-7 months I accumulated one million followers! I honestly had no idea it was going to become that popular that fast! 

Is there someone you’d like to collaborate with on a video in 2018? 

Definitely! I’d love to collaborate with major actors and artists, such as Bruno Mars, The Rock, Beyonce, Rihanna, and JLo.

How did your recent collaboration with GUESS come up and who did you work with on the collection? 

My boyfriend Don Benjamin was modeling for GUESS and introduced me to the GUESS team. I met Paul Marciano, (Co-Founder of GUESS) in Italy for the their fashion show. Afterwards they asked me to shoot for them, and five months down the line they asked if I would be interested in creating a collection! I worked with the GByGUESS designers to create a Holiday Collection that I loved and thought my friends and fans would love to wear and look incredible doing so.  

What other designers do you think are creating waves in the fashion world these days and what stands out about their collections to you?                             

Of course I love Paul Marciano, everything he designs is amazing. I also love Moschino, his stuff is very colorful and creative! I’m also friends with Michael Costello, he designs such stunning gowns!

You looked stunning at the Asian American awards. What was one of the highlights of the night for you?

Seeing my friend Jeanie Mai host the show and inviting her mother Mama Mai on stage with her was the highlight for me. I just love seeing the Asian American culture in Hollywood grow, and acknowledging all the hard working Asian Americans in our community. 

When did you start singing and what artists inspired you to begin?

I’ve been singing since I was five years old. Growing up I was always performing karaoke, at recitals, in choir and at family parties. I was inspired by artists like Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson, and Celine Dion.

Do you have any new tracks brewing right now? When can we expect their release?

YES! I’m working on new music now and possibly releasing sometime next year. I recently released a song with my boyfriend Don Benjamin called “No One” (which is available on all streaming platforms.)

How would you describe your musical process? Do you play any instruments and craft new melodies and arrangements yourself or do you prefer to work with producers in the studio with a blank slate?

I always like to write or express what I’m going through or what my family and friends are going through. I’m inspired by real life experiences. So whenever I’m in the studio we always talk about a topic and build from there! I was in band for two years growing up, playing the clarinet and flute. I can also play the piano a little and am hoping to get better at it this year!

What is one feeling you hope your music evokes in listeners?

To be confident – I’m all about women empowerment! I want my lyrics to express what women feel and go through. 

What is one fashion trend you want to make a comeback soon?

Everything 90’s! I love the 90’s fashion. One of my favorites is bell bottoms. 

What’s the most challenging part about hosting live events for you, and one thing that you love about it?

The most challenging part is making sure I meet as many people as I can and take selfies with all of them! I know the audience loves to meet and take photos. The one thing I love about hosting live events is that I get to travel to different places and meet new, fascinating people.

With so many creative passions you must constantly be looking for ways to improve your crafts. Who are some other creatives that you find inspiring?

My friends inspire me. Destorm Power, Janina, Adam W.. just to name a few. Their work ethic is great and motivates me to keep going. I’m also very inspired by makeup artists like Desi Perkins and Patrick Star. All these people built their careers off of hard work and creativity. I’m also inspired by Jennifer Lopez, her brand is amazing and I love how she does everything! I love her combination of fashion, dance, music, and using her voice to shine a positive light in the industry. 

If you had to commit to only one creative outlet going forward, which would you choose?

That’s honestly a hard question, I couldn’t just pick one! I’m so in love with everything creative! If I definitely had to pick one it would have to be music. Music links to fashion, glam, and dance. So, it’s kind of cheating because it involves everything in the long run.  

What is one thing you believe every woman should say to themselves when they wake up in the morning? 

“You have a purpose.” I believe people forget that it’s a blessing to wake up. No matter what you’re going through if you’re still breathing it ain’t over. So never give up. Everyone’s path is unique and different, if you remember that your life has a purpose it will keep you motivated. 

What is the most important resolution you’ve created for yourself for 2018?

Everything I do has to have a purpose. We can easily be distracted and waste time. So moving forward, if it doesn’t have a purpose, why do it? My goal is to always make steps toward my career goals. Not go backwards or stay in place. Purpose in life is the intended result of our focus, determination, and intention. Live your life with purpose! 

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