Interview: Chloe East

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She made her TV debut on True Blood in 2013 and the last few years has seen her experiment with a variety of genres, from Disney’s Liv and Maddie to her current role on ABC’s Kevin (Probably) Saves the World. VULKAN caught up with triple-threat up and comer Chloe East to talk about her experience working with Jason Ritter on the new series and to get some insight to her role as Willow in the diamond encrusted Ice

You’re an accomplished model, actress, and a dancer. If you could only do one of those things for the rest of your life professionally, which would you choose today and why?

Who knows the future… but today, in this moment, I would like to continue acting. Especially because I could potentially do all three in one acting job. I’m glad this isn’t a definite question in reality because my heart has (and will always be) in dance. 

Given how much of your life you’ve spent performing in one capacity or another, is there anything that you’re more reserved about?
Perhaps reading aloud some personal writing or giving a presentation.

Which designer would you like to walk a runway for?
Oh my, that’s quite the question! One of my favorite designers is Miu Miu. I would do anything for them! 

Any aspirations to design clothes yourself?
Sure! It’s not the first thing on my mind as of now, but I think about it from time to time. 

How do you think you’d describe your brand’s style if you had your own line?
That’s hard, but I’ll try. Something ranging from; borderline subway junkie to Grace Kelly at Cannes. 

How has it been working with Jason Ritter on Kevin (Probably) Saves the World?
I really can’t think of a nicer person. Jason is incredibly talented and humane. Really love him!

In what way do you think it’s been beneficial for Reese to have Kevin enter her life?
With the presence of Kevin, Reese has been able to get out of the rut she has lived in since her father died. A special relationship forms between the two that is quite dysfunctional at times.

What do you think people could learn from people like Kevin?

People can learn that every person, no matter how righteous, has the power to make a difference in this world. Putting others before yourself will change your (and their) life for the better. 

What is one thing you hope to achieve in your lifetime?
I hope to own a dang pug! I want one so bad!  

You also appear on Ice as Willow Green. What has been the most challenging part about playing Willow?
Willow’s family has internal problems involving life or death. She seems to always have a target on her which fuels the intensity of the show.

You had to pack up your things and move to Canada for filming, I read, how was that experience? Is there anything you miss about being here in Canada? 

We were filming the first season of Ice this time last year. It is so, so beautiful there. We got to experience all the seasons, but the snow was amazing! A white Vancouver is one I won’t forget. I need to get back there.

What’s your favourite kind of diamond, or what type of jewelry do you prefer diamonds in?

Rubies come to a close second to diamonds. Of course, colorless diamonds! My favorite might be diamond earrings.

If you as Chloe grew up around the diamond industry like Willow, do you think it would change your personality at all? If so, how?
Yes, I think the environment and people someone grows up around shapes their personality. My character, Willow, is actually how I imagine my personality with her upbringing.

I also heard you’re a big movie buff. What’s your go-to movie snack?

My go-to movie snack at home is dark chocolate. However, when I’m at the theatre, I think I get hypnotized by the popcorn gods. Popcorn is such a classic and comforting snack of amazingness. I can never resist. 

What have you watched recently that we should check out?
I think everyone of ALL ages should check out, The Adventures of Prince Achmed. 

What do you like about having your own YouTube channel that’s different from your experience interacting with fans via Twitter/Instagram or any other social media platform?  
Youtube is always there for me when I want to create a video. Making videos is really fun when you are creating based on ideas which are full of passion.

What can fans expect to see you upload next?
I’m hoping to get up a recipe video next when I have some extra time/find the charger to my camera. 

Kevin (Probably) Saves the World airs Tuesday nights at 10/9c on ABC.

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