Interview: Charlotte McKinney

From the interview archive.

You know Charlotte McKinney from such films as Baywatch, Flatliners and The Late Bloomer. Upcoming you can see her as Julie in First We Take Brooklyn. VULKAN caught up with Charlotte to talk about the film and working with director Danny A. Abeckaser. 

What can you tell us about “First We Take Brooklyn

It’s a modern day gangster film by first-time director, Danny A. Abeckaser, about an Israeli gangster in a turf war with the Russian mob in Brooklyn.

What attracted you to the role of Julie?

I have always been attracted to the mob-wife lifestyle. There is something so sexy and thrilling to me about it. I’m definitely looking to play more roles that suit that profile.

What country or city do you think you would go to if you were seeking a fresh start?

I love California and I see myself always being here. If I needed a fresh start I would go to New York because I have friends there, and I can still work and do what I love.

How was working with Danny A. Abeckaser? 

It was an absolute pleasure working with Danny, we became friends over a trip this past summer. It was exciting to see him direct and act all in one. I admire his work.

What is one thing you’d like to say to the young women that look up to you?

I’d want to tell them to live in the moment because you’re only young for so long. You have to do what makes you happy and if it doesn’t, get rid of it. If something isn’t fulfilling your purpose then move on and make room for other and better things to enter. 

What other aspirations do you have outside of modeling and acting?

Besides modeling and acting, I’m really into health and fitness, staying healthy in general. I also love to travel and try new adventures.. I’m always keeping busy.

Do you have any new projects upcoming that we should keep an eye out for?

I don’t know if I can talk about them yet, but yes! I’m really looking forward to sharing this year’s new adventures. Stay tuned!

What is one thing acting has taught you about yourself?

Acting has taught me to let myself go and be free. With modeling, I always have to worry about how I look and pose, whereas acting is a totally different art. I’ve learned to let my ego go and accept being vulnerable to my character.

On that note, what is one piece of advice that has stuck with you through your career so far? Who said it and why did it resonate so well with you?

Every “no” fueled my fire to get that one amazing “yes”. Being a good partner to work with keeps the work coming, so I created that for myself at a young age and I take my own advice. I am always grinding, non-stop.

Any fun travel plans for the new year?

Yeah, it’s always dependent upon work. But, if I can be home in Malibu, when you’re always traveling for jobs sometimes the best vacation is just being home.

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