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At The Treehouse we branch out across the globe, spotlighting artists of all kinds, their work and its message. Our aim here is to amplify voices that might otherwise get lost in the ever-growing sea of bars and beats.

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Spotlight On: Selena Victoria

Today on The Treehouse we’re turning the spotlight onto singer-songwriter Selena Victoria from Toronto, Ontario. Selena recently released her latest single, “Golden Kiss” an upbeat entrancing pop song that we were pleased to chat with her about as well as get a look at some of her dream collaborations and a little insight into her… Continue reading Spotlight On: Selena Victoria

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Spotlight On: Danielle Marie

Today on The Treehouse we’re turning the spotlight on 18 year old singer-songwriter Danielle Marie from the Philippines. Danielle began writing from a young age and recently released a new track called “Bloom”. In our interview, we talk about growing up in the Philippines, what inspires their writing and how they develop their ideas into… Continue reading Spotlight On: Danielle Marie

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Spotlight On: Nurdjana

This week I’m pleased to share with you new music from Dutch-Canadian singer-songwriter Nurdjana who recently released a new EP titled “Coming Home.” Coming Home is an emotional and evolutionary journey that takes you right into Nurdjana’s life as she works to rediscover herself and her identity, dealing with her immigration to Canada, losing her… Continue reading Spotlight On: Nurdjana

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Spotlight On: Woodsmoke

Today we’re turning the spotlight onto East Yorkshire-based filk-duo Woodsmoke. Woodsmoke recently released a digital reissue of their EP “Back To Nature” through IO Music Group and we penned some questions over to the guys about the record, the decision to reissue it and where you can catch them performing live. Where are you from?Hessle,… Continue reading Spotlight On: Woodsmoke

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Spotlight On: SpenDoe

Today we’re turning the spotlight over to California-based rapper SpenDoe who recently released a new single called “To The Top” and it’s a total vibe. In our interview we asked SpenDoe who the first rapper they got into, what attracted them to their style, some of the challenges they’ve faced collaborating with other artists and… Continue reading Spotlight On: SpenDoe

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Spotlight On: Dawn Cadence

Right of the release of her debut single “!Warning Signs!” I got a chance to pick the brain of Montreal-based songwriter Dawn Cadence. Self-produced, Dawn’s music transcends genres, a soulful blending of jazz and rock inspired by 80’s pop. We talk about how Dawn put together the track, how she approaches her music and songwriting… Continue reading Spotlight On: Dawn Cadence

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Spotlight On: Halo Vair

This week I posed a few questions over to instrumentalist music producer and head of Toronto-Psychadelic Rock outfit Halo Vair whose upcoming home-recorded EP “Definition” is due out on December 12th 2021. We get into Victor Zohni’s recording rig, the frustrations with home-recording an independent artist like himself encounters, influential artists and some words of… Continue reading Spotlight On: Halo Vair

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Spotlight On: Päter

This week I’m pleased to introduce you to upcoming singer-songwriter Päter who just recently released their latest single “Obstinate Brain,” which best described as indie pop/rock drama given their unique theatric delivery. While Päter is not new to songwriting having begun writing as a kid, they were inspired to take on a 30-day songwriting challenge… Continue reading Spotlight On: Päter

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