Interview: Garrett Clayton

From the interview archives. Michigan native Garrett Clayton has been seen in productions like Hairspray Live!, Teen Beach Movie and perhaps most notably in his recurring role on The Fosters as Chase. VULKAN caught up with Garrett to talk adapting to abnormal filming schedules, alien encounters, and how he manages having such an extensive social media following. You can see Garrett in his upcoming horror … Continue reading Interview: Garrett Clayton

Interview: Charlie Rowe

From the interview archives. English actor Charlie Rowe recently made his off broadway debut and stars in the new sci-fi drama Salvation. VULKAN caught up with Charlie to talk about his experience on the set, working alongside Jacqueline Beyers and whether or not he’s been sucked into any conspiracy theories.  Let’s talk about Salvation. You play a super smart MIT student (Liam) that discovers an … Continue reading Interview: Charlie Rowe

Interview: Clifford Samuel

From the interview archives. With a strong background in live theatre, actor Clifford Samuel is quickly becoming a household name after being cast as Femi in the British crime series McMafia. VULKAN caught up with Clifford to talk about his transition from theatre to film and what he believes sets McMafia apart from other crime dramas.  Prior to McMafia you performed a lot of live … Continue reading Interview: Clifford Samuel