CF Goes To Poland (Part 4: Aushwitz-Berkinau)

Please mind any formatting or tying errors as I completed this blog on my phone 🤫 I’ll review it when I’m able to in a couple days to correct anything glaring. On Sunday I had a chance to visit the Aushwitz-Berkinau Concentration Camps which are just about an hour outside of Krakow. Disclaimer: this post may be disturbing to some readers but, as our bus … Continue reading CF Goes To Poland (Part 4: Aushwitz-Berkinau)

Interview: Efrat Dor

From the interview archives. VULKAN caught up with actress Efrat Dor to discuss her new film The Zookeeper’s Wife, a historical drama about Antonina and Jan Zabinski, a couple who bravely risked their lives to save hundreds of people and animals during the holocaust. We also asked her about learning to screen write and had her dish on the best things to do in her … Continue reading Interview: Efrat Dor