Static Unveiled: S1E3 – Delivery

This week we’re jumping all the way from Bleed American into Surviving with “Delivery”. In this week’s episode I tell you about a recurring dream I had when I was a kid which, I could explain but…. it’s really best to listen to the episode. As always, I cap off the episode with my cover of “Delivery” followed by the bands original recording of the … Continue reading Static Unveiled: S1E3 – Delivery

Jaimee Eat World Release: Delivery (Reissue)

I know I technically already put out a cover of Delivery from the Surviving record that you can read all about and listen to over on the original blog post BUT the truth is from the jump of that recording I wasn’t keen on where I was taking it and ultimately, wasn’t at all happy with the final presentation. It had bits I liked, but … Continue reading Jaimee Eat World Release: Delivery (Reissue)