The Clearing Track By Track: Asleep/Dead

Carrying on from our track by track of Lie To Me, today I’m moving right along to track 8: Asleep/Dead. If you haven’t heard the record yet, check it out on YouTube Music or my own YouTube Channel below. About the Track Asleep/Dead is one of the only tracks on this record that isn’t really based on any sort of true story, rather it’s more … Continue reading The Clearing Track By Track: Asleep/Dead

What’s “Jestem Krzywym Lasem” All About Anyways?

This is a multi-series blog post. Table of Contents at the bottom of the page. Yesterday I announced the release date of my upcoming EP, “Jestem Krzywym Lasem” which is the debut solo EP I’m presenting as myself, Jaimee Jakobczak. Now, if you’ve frequented these trails before you might be saying, “but Jaimee, you’ve released like, 4 other EP’s already as a solo artist” and … Continue reading What’s “Jestem Krzywym Lasem” All About Anyways?

By Ways of Introduction; Hi, I’m CF!

I’d been meaning to get around to a post like this for a while, sorry for the epic delay on it. I’ll do my best to be brief here in the blog because I’ve otherwise also recorded an introduction video that ended up being like 2 hours almost for some reason. You can watch that here: What I talk about in the video: Getting started … Continue reading By Ways of Introduction; Hi, I’m CF!

Interview: Torrance Coombs

From the interview archive. Vancouver actor Torrance Coombs is perhaps most well known for his role in The Tudors and more recently Reign. VULKAN caught up with Torrance to talk about his departure from Reign and joining the cast of The Originals for its final season, as well as his upcoming film Drawing Home.   It was a bummer to hear you were leaving Reign, would … Continue reading Interview: Torrance Coombs

Interview: Finn Wolfhard

From the interview archives. Canadian actor Finn Wolfhard became a household name after being cast as the quiet, contemplative Mike Wheeler in Netflix’s Stranger Things. If you can believe it, Finn got the role after auditioning via video while sick in bed after coming across an open casting call, proving that nothing can keep this budding actor from pursuing his passions. The highly anticipated Stranger … Continue reading Interview: Finn Wolfhard

Interview: Francois Arnaud

From the interview archives. Canadian born Francois Arnaud quickly gained mass attention as Cesare Borgia in The Borgias and he’s kept himself quite busy ever since. The Montreal native let VULKAN in on his experience working with fellow Canadian darlings the Levy’s on Schitt’s Creek, his recent feature length film Permission, and his brand new series, Midnight, Texas, premiering July 24th, 2017 on NBC. You … Continue reading Interview: Francois Arnaud