Spotlight On: The Arkut Brothers

The Arkut Brothers are a country duo from Hull, U.K and they’ve recently released their debut single “Fine” which reinforces the necessity of taking care of your mental health. I was able to pen some questions over to the brothers to talk about how they came to begin writing together, who influences their music, and what inspired the new song. 

Listen to “Fine” by The Arkut Brothers now on Spotify.

And read on for our interview below.

When did you both begin playing music? 
We both took guitar lessons when we were at school. 

Your music has a lot of percussive elements. Was guitar both of your first instruments?
Yes ​it was, and Sam developed a very percussive playing style on acoustic steel guitar and only played instrumentally for a long while before taking up singing

Can you tell me about what inspired the first song you ever wrote together? 
We were just having a fun jam and then suddenly we created a song. That was it really

Your latest release is a song called “Fine” which speaks about not having a great frame of mind and not exactly feeling fine. Was there a specific situation or experience that inspired this song? 
Absolutely; Both of us suffer with Depression and Mental Health. It was really about how we feel from time to time and just focusing on the music with a light at the end of the tunnel with a song saying “you will be fine. This will pass”.

“Fine” promotes positive mental health. Is there a positive phrase you both turn to when you need a positive boost? 
What pushes us through is music because we do believe it is a massive healer.

Who are each of your greatest musical influences? 
Newton Faulkner inspired Sam massively on the percussive guitar playing many other similar influences, and Ben was greatly influenced on a variety of artists such as Jack Johnson, Seal and Prince. Both had different tastes before going towards country music.

To fans who have never heard your music before, which artist would you say your sound is most similar to? 
Keith Urban, Brett Young, Brett Eldredge, Jake Owen, Darius Rucker, just to name a few.

What’s one festival you’d love to be billed for and what is it that attracts you to that one in particular? 
C2C Country to Country. That’s what inspired us to be a country duo. 

What’s one indie musician you believe deserves more attention? 
JP Cooper for certain. We don’t hear enough about him. Amazing vocals, one of the best vocals we’ve ever heard.

You’re from Hull, England. Can you tell us one place you’d recommend people new to the area add to their travel itinerary? 
William Wilberforce museum, The Deep, Humber Street, Hull Art Gallery and of course Bonus Arena and local music venues like the open mics.

If you weren’t playing music right now, what would you be doing full-time? 
Tennis. We love Tennis and we’re both Level 3 tennis coaches.

Need some more ear candy? Here’s some music from the interview:

Jack Johnson – “Sitting, Waiting, Wishing”
Brett Young – “In Case You Didn’t Know”

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