Mr MooQ’s latest leaves us with an admirable, “Oh My My My”.

Mr MooQ’s “Oh My My My” seems to emerge from the shadows of the alley behind the city’s poppin’ jazz club in the late hours long after everyone’s gone home, as a simple saxophone line drifts out of the door propped open while the remaining staff member commiserate over cigarettes before their final close. The track’s namesake begins to wistfully echo over them and into the dark skies above in an almost desperate longing and we find ourselves sat on the curb across the street wondering what troubles have found themselves here.

Mr MooQ “Oh My My My” (Official Video)

What follows is the low steady vocals from Mr Mooq himself as he exits the club and dons his hat for the walk home reflecting on the quiet and lonely feelings it brings. We’re compelled to follow along behind him and we’re treated with a bit of wisdom, “a house divided cannot stand with different points of view” before he admits the crushing reality of this realization, “I tried to see things your way, but that meant losing you”.

We’re brought back to an extended refrain before Mr MooQ blatantly and almost in a juvenile sense asks, “Why does love hurt so bad” as though he himself has grown tired of this recurring feeling when things don’t go the way he was hoping them to. In quiet agreement as we pass the park that signifies the divide between the old part of the city we came from and the new neighborhoods still being developed, we continue to walk along beside him now.

An airy synth drifts throughout the track that sits like the air over our shoulders as we continue through this foggy scene and the rising temperate adds a dewy texture to the grass surrounding our pathway and a careful stepping-bass line seems to walk with us in sync, keeping us moving forward gradually without hesitation.

We pause as a string arrangement tends to the tension of the evening and it grabs our attention not unlike a low swooping bat on it’s hunt for lunch and we’re treated again to one of Mr MooQ’s sobering reflections, “Time is like a mirror, reflections looking back; I find you in a memory and then it fades to black” as he takes us back to one of those very memories standing outside the same window he last saw the woman he loved so much as to write this song about. He ends the retelling of the experience with, “you’ll always be the one that got away,” as the track enters a much moodier and ambivalent interlude with chambered guitars crooning to be heard between the reinforced refrain as it pokes in and out through the steady drums and bass guiding the song along.

While it’s Mr MooQ’s unique vocal tone that initially captured our attention when we first heard it settle into the atmosphere, “Oh My My My”’s production anchored within what we pin as an 80’s-pop inspired bass line and the subtle development of synth and guitar elements are highly effective in creating the sulky sentiments described in the songwriting throughout.

The track comes to an end as Mr MooQ slides into the door leading to his apartment and we pensively reflect on his sentiments as we continue our journey home, feeling both tranquil and empathetic.

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