Crooked Forest’s Indie Music Round-Up: 2022 Edition

Showcasing what we believe are some of the best indie releases of 2022 as submitted by YOU to our twitter feed.

Most submissions were Spotify links but some came through as Bandcamp – we’re running with what we were given.

The lists are broken down by general genre so you can quickly jump to what you’re looking for.

Let’s get to it!

Light Rock/Easy-Listening/Pop

RW Hedges
“Long Summer Days” EP
Highlight Song: A Robin’s Egg

For fans of: The Beatles, The Mamas and the Papas

Blue Doll
“Fellow” EP
Highlight Song: Back Then

For fans of: Norah Jones, Carole King

Ally Cribb
“Unbroken” Album
Highlight Song: Love Still Lives Inside

For fans of: Vanessa Carlton, Kacey Musgraves

Gerry Stanek
“Heart in Peril” Album
Highlight Song: She Don’t Pay Attention To Me

For fans of: Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley

“Supernovas” EP
Highlight Song: Broken Bird

For fans of: Kate Bush, Tori Amos

Robin Tinglof

“You” Single

For fans of: Tears For Fears, Talk Talk

Alternative/Modern Rock/Punk/Metal

18 Seconds
“À l’ombre des cypr​è​s” EP
Highlight Song: Je suis la poussi​è​re dans ton troisi​è​me oeil

For fans of: Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Smashing Pumpkins

Petite League
“Thrill Seekers” Album
Highlight Song: Dagger Eyes

For fans of: White Reaper, The Orwells

“Jurassic” Single

For fans of: British Pennywise or maybe Bad Religion

Chris Scheler
“What’s Left Of Me” EP
Highlight Song: Damage Control

For fans of: Stone Temple Pilots, Audioslave

The Crom
“Silver Spoon” Single

For fans of: Dead or Alive, INXS

Moon and Snow
“Goodnight Forever” Single

For fans of: Circa Survive, Saosin


Survival In Negativity & B.Positiv
Nightlife 4 (Thinking) Introverts EP
Highlight Song: Solituud

For fans of: Nas, Tupac

“Let’s Get It” Album
Highlight Song: Be Free

For fans of: Doja Cat, Nicki Minaj

James CN
“Never There” Single

For fans of: Future, Macky2


“Jubilee” Album
Highlight Song: Jephthah’s Song

For fans of: Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen

Matt Derda & the High Watts
“You Didn’t Know” EP
Highlight Song: Forever

For fans of: Florida Georgia Line, Travis Tritt

April Moon
“The Other One Was You” Album
Highlight Song: Weight of the World

For fans of: Fleetwood Mac, The Grateful Dead


Subsonic Frequencies
“Oceanic Waves” Album
Highlight Song: Into The Ocean

For fans of: Oceans, Waves, Sunsets

Luci Waves
“Memories of a Certain Future” Album
Highlight Song: Molten Memory

For fans of: Heart Beats, Transcending Space and Time

Adventures in Noise
“Here We Go Again” Single

For fans of: Rollercoasters, Spittin’ Rhymes

Thanks very much for all your submissions. If you didn’t catch yourself featured on this years list, don’t fret – it’s not that we didn’t enjoy it but that we can only include so many.

Listen to even more of submissions by checking out our #Spinning playlist here:

And be sure to keep an eye out for our next Submissions requests by following us on Twitter!

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One thought on “Crooked Forest’s Indie Music Round-Up: 2022 Edition

  1. I’ve attached some interview questions. There’s one towards the end about Jaimee Eat World and Death Bus for Blondie that’s kind of vague. Feel free to ignore it if it’s too broad or just opens one too many cans of worms. Also, send any photos or images you’d like me to include with the interview when you send your responses. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions!


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