Neither Could Dylan Release: Let Go

A few months back we were invited to submit a track for Canadian record label Syrup Moose (haha) for their second compilation album, aptly titled “Compilation II” and were pleased to find a home for our song “Let Go”.

This was supposed to be out officially tomorrow to mark the winter solstice and the tracks were curated to help us all get through the longest day of the year. But I guess Syrup Moose was too excited about it because they went ahead and surprised us with an early release!

The compilation mostly features heavy metal and alternative bands so you might be wondering how we got picked. “Let Go” is a very subdued simple track that I described while recording it as “Swamp Rock” – the kind of thing you might hear out in a deserted Florida swamp before you come across a magnificent old hut with a mysterious elderly alchemist who lures you inside with the promise to cure what ails you.

It caps off the compilation making it your meditative yoga after an intense thrashing.

Stream/buy the compilation now on Syrup Moose:

A unique appeal to Syrup Moose is that they offer limited cassette runs of their releases – and I mean it when I say limited. This compilation only has 13 copies up for grabs, so make sure you jump on it because there won’t be any more made.

Each release also has an associated tarot card release – ours is “Death” which is super appropriate for us because “Let Go” is circles around themes of isolation and suicidal ideation.

The point of the song ultimately though isn’t to remain fixated on these types of negative thoughts, but to learn to accept them and ultimately let go of them so that you can live a long and fulfilling life.

It seems most appropriate to me that this song be released at this end of the year when for many the holidays bring forward an elevated sense of dread and despair. It’s lesser talked about of course than the fun, warm holiday traditions that are paraded through our shopping centres and homes but I can think of no more important time to talk about how important it is to understand that if you’re feeling alone right now, it’s really okay to feel that way and you’re certainly not the only one.

If no one else has told you lately, you matter and whatever you’re going through right now will eventually pass. Stick it out with us.

If you are struggling with your mental health and are not sure who to speak to I encourage you to check out our newly updated Mental Health Resources page to find some support. If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local emergency services.

Hope you enjoy the song & the compilation album.

Thanks very much to Syrup Moose Records for distributing this and to artist Kaitlyn Hay-Sinclair for designing the tarot card.

Tomorrow I’m releasing the debut single from my upcoming album “Acceptance”; the song is called “To Be Loved” and will be available on all streaming platforms. Talk to ya then!

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