Jaimee Eat World Release: Thinking, That’s All

Okay, this technically already came out on November 24th because I was just stoked on it and wanted to share it. But I never released an official blog for it, so here we are.

This is a full-band production of “Thinking, That’s All”.

Listen to Jimmy Eat World’s original recording first:

Okay now check out mine!

It’s been a while since we looked at lyrics and had to think about them for this project; this one might be tricky!

I’d love to know what really inspired this one because it starts out so vague but perfectly encapsulates the frustration with dealing with someone who just won’t be straight up about what they want or what they’re doing, and then it gets oddly specific without ever really explaining what’s really happening.

I’ve said it before but Static Prevails is a great record for capturing that period of adolescence where you just sort of hate everything all at once, everyone is annoying and everything kind of sucks.

It’s a bit weird how back and fourth this one goes. If you thought that by the first verse they were speaking directly to someone, by the end of this verse it’s almost like they’re talking to themselves, or, that the other person is now responding with “stop dragging feet”. In either case I am here for the heat and I wanna know what the orchestra is playing.

Often times my favourite lyrics are just simple phrases on repeat and this is a great example of that. Again, we still don’t really know what has fuelled so much anger but I can’t say I’ve never been in that place before. The original recording is so raw that the feelings really jump right out of the track and into yourself.

So it looks like we’ve both decided (I’m now both the observer and the subject) to keep playing these silly games where we pretend nothing is wrong and carry about our day as though nothing has happened. And what an absolute waste all of this has been.

Now, I ramped up the intensity for my outro chorus (I think) but it couldn’t have been done without bringing this backing vocal line to the foreground.

This line to me is the most important lyric in the batch.

Because despite all that’s been said and done or not said and not done, you won’t forget this and you won’t ever be able to fully let it go. It happened, it’s there, and it’ll sit like a permanent stain.

Once again I find this one lyrically a little disjointed but it’s arguably some of the band’s best work when it comes to seething-hatred fuelled tracks.

I tried to press into the concept of wasted time here in a way that sort of alludes to another favourite of mine, “Get It Faster”. Instead of a clock tower, those repeated guitar chords during the intro lick act as the same as the hourly strikes – or they’re supposed to, anyway. I think it adds a layer of intensity and ramps up the anxiety that comes with the bitter screams.

Admittedly I was a bit nervous about tracking this one but I’m pretty pleased with how it came out.

Hope you enjoyed it!

“Thinking, That’s All” was featured on episode 7 of Static Unveiled. Listen to it now on Spotify or read the official transcript blog.

Next time I’ll dive into “Something Loud” BUT if you are already keen to listen to it… it’s already out on TikTok.

One more thing…

Today at 1PM EST I’ll be doing a special “Jaimee Eat World” livestream on my Twitch channel where I play only Jimmy Eat World covers.

Follow my Twitch and watch the stream here!

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