Throughfare EP Breakdown: Letting Go

On November 10th 2022, Poison Arrow Records released our EP “Throughfare” (self-titled). This is a collaborative effort by myself (lyrics and vocals) and KM North (the meat and potatoes).

As I’ve done previously, this is the first blog in my track-by-track breakdown of this record where I’ll go through each song, list the official lyrics and what inspired them.

Okay, let’s jump in with track 1: Letting Go

Listen to the album in full on bandcamp!

Stream “Letting Go” and then read on for the official lyrics and my breakdown.

Letting Go (Official Lyrics)

Though it seemed that we had gone too far
From where we were to now who we are
With so much still left to unfold
Fighting the pressures of letting go

Through all that I know
Still more I’m told
Than holding you close
Or being alone
Timing, a constant
The only unknown

Walking backwards to the skipping beat
The way that you would watch over me
Your gaze an imprint in my mind
Vibrant stars that coat the sky

Through all that I know
Still more I’m told
Than holding you close
Or being alone
Timing, a constant
The only unknown

“Letting Go” might’ve been best song to kick off this EP with. It’s a reflective song that’s taking a deep look at the actions and experiences that we had hoped for ourselves and where those roads led.

Sometimes when I do this I find myself wondering if I veered too far left or too far right in some situations and if that was the best route for me to take. It can be difficult to sit back and just leave things as they are with the understanding that holding on to what could have been can keep you stuck inside yourself and your past self instead of progressing forward.

The older I get the easier it gets to see that it’s better to set your sights ahead than behind, but that doesn’t stop my mind from nagging at these thoughts and reminding me of memories, regrets, hopes and otherwise. The benefit to this at least in my eyes is that it helps me make better choices as I continue on.

Getting into the chorus, the real theme of this song is that time moving forward is the only thing we have to be sure of in this lifetime; However long we are meant to live it, we’ll never know.

So even if I come to realize again in some later reflection that I maybe veered the wrong way again, chased after the wrong person or wasted my time on something that didn’t seem to lead anywhere meaningful, it is what it is and it’s now firmly settled into a point of my personal history that cannot be changed no matter how deeply I try to will it.

In the next verse I take a more optimistic approach to these reflections, choosing to remember the positive impact these experiences have had on me, choosing my own path and finding a certain rhythm with it even if it’s a little outside the norm, which I note is reflective of how I look at some of my best teachers. These are the things I hold on to when I otherwise am feeling uncertain about what I’m doing.

Often times when I’ve felt at my most lost or alone, the only thing that can help settle those anxious feelings is to turn my attention away from myself and to the ever expanding universe above me. It’s weird how I sometimes find that understanding how remarkably small I as a single person am on this Earth can provide comfort from those thoughts.

Because with so many other galaxies floating around in some other space we’ll never see, surely someone else out there feels the same as me.

Come back soon for my breakdown of track 2: Under/Over.

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