New Music Release: What Happened In Vegas? WWWYF Compilation Album

When news broke of Day 1 of When We Were Young Fest being cancelled due to high winds, we were gutted. Yes, even us all the way in Canadaland.

Fortunately it wasn’t long before bands on ground level in Nevada took action, sourcing new venues to play free shows at for all those pop-punkers who’d travelled far and wide to attend the show.

Meanwhile over in internet-land, equally eager to rectify the situation in whatever way they can, musicians assembled and rallied to show their support.

We were tasked to choose 1 band from WWWYF and submit a song for a compilation album to be put out by A Few Good Records (based in NJ). The call went out on October 22nd but I didn’t receive the message all the way here in Canada until the morning of October 23rd.

There was not much time, but I felt up to task.

And now that compilation album is out and you can hear a special Neither Could Dylan cut of “Vindicated” by Dashboard Confessional on the compilation!

Listen now on Bandcamp!

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