Jaimee Eat World Docu-Short Release: It’s Only Therapy

If you’re following the Jaimee Eat World instagram page then you already know that earlier today we dropped the next instalment of our ongoing documentary that’ll follow the entire recreation of the Jimmy Eat World catalogue.

If you haven’t caught it it, check it out now on YouTube, but then make sure you give the Instagram page a follow so that you see the next one right when it airs.

Those two scraggly pups featured in the video with me?

Well, you already know Dakota, my bernese mountain dog, but the other little guy is a golden retriever named Brinkly (like from You’ve Got Mail!).

There’s Believe In What You Want merch available now, too!

I’m going to get more into the Believe In What You Want fundraiser in due time as we progress here, but just in case you didn’t know, I also just dropped some related merch in my new merch shop. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these items will go right into the BIWYW fundraiser bank until we hit our goal – but don’t forget you can also donate right to the fund itself!

To learn more about the fundraiser, go here: BIWYW Fundraiser

And did you hear about our podcast?!

We have a podcast now. It’s called Static Unveiled and it’s available on Spotify. The docu-short from today is a bit of a precursor to this weeks upcoming episode, so be sure to follow the podcast after you’ve watched it so that you hear the episode when it airs!

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