New Music Release: Songs For A Change Compilation Album

If you’re following me over on twitter you already know that yesterday, August 5th 2022, a brand new hardcore punk compilation album was released by Poison Arrow Records.

The album is available exclusively on Bandcamp and is totally free, but if you’re able to donate any change, all proceeds are going to the Women and Girls Foundation of Pittsburgh, PA, a not-for-profit organization committed to achieve equality for women and girls (it should be no surprise that I am in full support of their mission and so I’m exceptionally pleased with this choice).

Beyond that, I’m super stoked to share with you that this compilation is the first official release for two projects that I collaborated on – Passing Harsher and Throughfare, tracks 5 (“Drift”) and 18 (“Too Late”) respectively.

I’ll talk more about these projects before you know it, because both have upcoming multi-track releases.

Make sure you’re following Poison Arrow Records on Bandcamp and Twitter to know exactly when these come out and of course subscribe right here on my blog because you KNOW I’m gonna be talkin’ about it when they come out!

Thanks for listening & please share the compilation with all your hardcore punk pals!

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