Spotlight On: 1Oak

Today on The Treehouse I’m pleased to feature the mighty 1Oak, an up and coming music producer based out of East Hammond, GA. If you’re looking for instrumentals in the hip-hip/rap/trap realm, you’ll want to give 1Oak’s tracks a spin.

Check out their soundcloud for released work and read on for our interview below.

When did you first become interested in learning how to produce music and create beats?
Very young. 8 years old.

Who would you say is the producer who has influenced your own creations the most?
Kanye West.

In a dream world, which producer would you want to work with above all else?
London on da Track.

Let’s talk a little bit about your production process. Do you tend to start with a specific instrument or sound to build up from, or is it different every time?
Depends on my mood; It’s a different process each time.

What do you create on?
Pro tools and FL studio.

What’s one piece of gear you really want to get your hands on?
A new iMac and mpc beat machine

What’s one song you have on repeat these days?
MGK – “Her Song”

What’s one of your favorite beats of all time?
Tupac – “Until the End of Time”

If you could collaborate with any artist, vocalist, rapper or otherwise, who is it?
Dj Khaled

What’s the best show you’ve ever seen?
Ronald Isley and Charlie Wilson concert in Cincinnati Ohio

What’s one artist who you think we should check out that we haven’t heard of yet?

Where can artists reach you if they want to collaborate with you?
Email: Production1oak @ 
Twitter: @1of1oak

Thanks very much 1Oak!

Need some more ear candy? Here’s some music based on the interview:

Tupac – Until The End of Time

Machine Gun Kelly – “Her Song”

If you’re a band or artist who’d like to be featured on the blog, check out our submission requirements.

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