CF Goes To Poland (Part 3: From Warsaw to Krakow)

It’s about 9AM here in Krakow and it’s my last full day before I begin the trek home to Canada tomorrow.

I was buzzing pretty good after Warsaw, especially after the Jimmy Eat World show. It’s nice that although I’ve come to Poland by myself I was able to treat myself to the comforts of home by catching their show.

When they say “You gave us somewhere to go” in Hear You Me, I used to picture just crashing in someone’s floor like I used to do sometimes when I was younger, but watching these guys perform at Klub Proxima felt like a much more fitting setting and sentiment. And I got to say thanks for that which was a big bonus.

I ended up leaving Warsaw earlier than planned and grabbed an earlier train to Krakow, too eager to see something new, I guess.

Here are some snaps from Warsaw on my last couple days.

I stayed on Smolna at the Palm Aparts. Great place to stay.
I ate like a champion.
Memorial with guards.
My last breakfast. I had a bunch of leftover mleko (milk!) so I picked up some Chopica cereal. Now I have a bit more Chopica cereal and no milk 😦
Where sleeping dogs lie.

Had some trouble at the Warsaw train station because sometimes I forget how basic things work. Like after I bought my ticket I realized it had no real information on it as far as where to actually get my train, but fortunately a nice local dude saw my confusion and offered to help. He not only checked out all the train boards for me (those huge things on the walls, Jaimee, you dummy), but walked me over to the platform, too, since it was a bit further and over a bridge. I always appreciate that kind of help – most people back home don’t go that extra mile because they’re in such a rush and can’t be bothered, but I’ve had a few people here lend me a hand like this and it’s made my trip all that much more enjoyable.

The train ride was just shy of 3 hours but it went pretty quick, I even fell asleep for a bit which never happens to me. By the time I got to Krakow it was about 1PM, ahead of my 3PM check-in time at the Saint Thomas Corner.

I took these photos on my walk to find the hotel which was only about 10 minutes from the station.

Welcome to Krakow.

I was able to stow my bags away in a locker at the hotel while I waited for my room, which was awesome because this is what’s right down there street from me:

The buildings and general atmosphere here is really cool. It really transports you back to an earlier time in a way that Warsaw doesn’t quite hit. I think there are more tourists here in Krakow but somehow it feels less tourist-y.

And it looks even more interesting when it’s lit up at night.

You can’t really tell here, but this big park basically stretches all around the main “old town” and in this gazebo we’re a bunch of couples dancing to classic music. I’m a terrible dancer but I always enjoy watching others who are great at it.
There happened to be something of a music festival happening on Saturday night. This is one of the stages and an absolute sea of people in the square. Music festivals that take part in wide open parks really fail to compare to these types of events in Europe.

On Sunday I had booked a tour to Auschwitz-Berkinau Concentration Camp so I made my way back to my hotel around 11PM or so to make sure I was in good shape for it.

Read on about that experience in my next post coming up soon!

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