Jaimee Jakobczak Release: Quiksand Official Music Video

Surprise! Over the weekend I shot a music video.

Watch the official music video for Quiksand now on my YouTube Channel!

About the Video

On Saturday April 30th I went over to the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre to fulfil a goal I’d never attempted before. I grabbed my acoustic guitar and set out to perform a full acoustic set for anyone who happened to be heading to or from the subway that day. As I was getting set up, an idea struck me and I started to put it into action.

I was soundchecking with Quiksand when I thought it might be fun to try and throw together a music video for it since it was such a nice day and thought that was a neat way to pay homage to my ever-growing hometown.

For those that aren’t familiar, Vaughan’s subway station is a very new addition to the Toronto subway line.

When I was a kid I would’ve killed to have a subway here to make it easy to go downtown. For as long as I could remember, downtown just seemed like “the place” for me to be.

I made that trip for the first time when I was 13 years old with a friend using the bus system, which meant a lot of transferring and it was super confusing. The reason we were going at all was I’d made an online friend named Anthony who was my age and shared my birthday and music tastes. He played in a band there and one day we decided to try and meet up, choosing Young and Eglinton as our meeting point – which, I had no idea what or where that was really.

It was my first time meeting someone off the internet so I’d asked my best friend to join me for the trip – safety in numbers. We did eventually make it to the meeting point but Anthony never showed. I even hopped into a nearby internet cafe to try and reach him before we eventually gave up and began the trip home because obviously as 12 year olds none of us had cellphones back in 2002.

All in we didn’t see much of Toronto that day, but at least we made an effort.

My friend and I actually got so turned around trying to navigate home from the city that we took the wrong bus at one point and ended up where we felt was the middle of nowhere; Worse yet, we were all out of bus fare. Fortunately when a bus eventually did arrive and we explained our predicament, the driver let us ride for free and took us just outside of the Al Paladini community centre which we were much more familiar with (I walk to Boyd Park often now which is just a stones throw from the centre and is across from what would become my high school – it wasn’t even built then).

It meant we still had to walk like an hour home, but we made it.

Shout out to that bus driver for being cool about the whole thing and helping us out that day!

Anyways, I know it’s not the most professional music video and I sort of slapped it together using about 30 minutes of random footage I shot on my iPhone, but all that said I think it turned out pretty well! Hope ya enjoy it.

If you’re wondering what the concept of the video is, it’s this:

A young musician trying to make it in the big music industry struggling to make ends meet begins busking on the streets but has no luck with that in her hometown. Only when she makes her way outside of the drab, empty metropolitan centre does she begin to see the world in colour, and it’s there that she really puts the plan into action by showcasing the beauty that can exist inside it.

Looking for more?

Read all about Quiksand in the track breakdown blog including the official lyrics.

Jestem Krzywym Lasem is streaming on most major streaming services.

If you like the record, please share it!

Limited physical copies are also available via Bandcamp or by e-mailing me to arrange shipment.

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