2021 Indie Music Round-Up: The Best Of’s List

While I could absolutely fill this blog with all sorts of hilarious, witty descriptors of the music I’m about to relay to you that were sent to me from a wide variety of artists over Twitter recently, you might lack the sensibility to find me funny, leading you to not checking out these great singles and albums, so I’m gonna skip the jokes and get straight to the playlist.

I’ve broken these up by their main genres to the best of my innate ability and placed those alphabetically. Feel free to jump through the headers to find what you’re looking for, but there’s a little bit of something for everyone.

Streaming links are a bit of an assortment so I’ve also included twitter handles for you to better find what you need.

And if you missed out on the tweet that led to this round-up, make sure you’re following me @crooked_forest!


Del Piombo
Subgenre: Instrumental/Electronic
From: U.K
Twitter: @delpiombomusica


Kipul – DSR#68 | Who will have to die before you feel alright? (EP)
Subgenre: Experimental/Ambient
From: Finland
Twitter: @nulikka

HOWQUE – Night of the Stray Dog (Single)
From: Germany
Twitter: @haukewolff 

MONKOORA – Night Charm (Album)
Subgenre: Dreampop/Folktronica
From: Glasgow, U.K
Twitter: @monkoora

Kiffie – 10 (Album)
Subgenre: Experimental/Indie Pop
From: U.K
Twitter: Kiffie8


Q.Rock639 – Tales From the City of Refuge (Album)
From: Los Angelas, California
Twitter: @cybermixtape

YVNGN – Trust The Process (Album)
From: USA
From: @yvngn__

FloElle – Fly Girl (EP)
From: Winston-Salem, NC, USA
Twitter: @offbeatflo

Alma 16 – Yellow Memories (EP)
From: Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
Twitter: @alma16music


Tommy Atkins – Truth Be Told (Album)
From: Northumberland, U.K
Twitter: @_Tommy_Atkins_

Trailerhawk – Tell Me What (Single)
From: USA
Twitter: @carmen_bruno

Honey and the Bear – Journey Through the Roke (Album)
From: United Kingdom
Twitter: @Honeyanddabear

All Knowing McGill – Judge and Jury
From: Lincoln, Nebraska
Twitter: @mcgillknowsall

Route505 – Hollow (EP) Live at BlastPopMedia
From: Las Vegas, Nevada
Twitter: @505route

Gozer Goodspeed – Ghosts of the Future and Past (Album)
Subgenre: Blues-Folk
From: Plymouth, U.K
Twitter: @gozer_goodspeed


Overtoun – This Darkness Feels Alive (Album)
Subgrenre: Thrash
From: Santiago, Chile & Boston, MA, USA
Twitter: @overtounoficial

Through Mists – Portents (EP)
Subgenre: Death Metal
From: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Twitter: @ThroughMists

Mad Wet Sea – Champion the Abyss (Album)
Subgenre: Alternative
From: Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Twitter: @MadWetSea


Power Rob – Monsterman (Album)
Subgenre: Rock/Synthwave
From: Balitmore, MD, USA
Twitter: @PowerRobMusic


Media Whores – A Light in a Dark Place (Album)
From: Farlkirk, U.K
Twitter: @mediawhoresband

The Guillotines – Parche (Album)
From: Glasgow, Scotland
Twitter: @the_guillotines


Los Fears – Window To The Stars (Single)
Subgenre: Indie
From: Chile
Twitter: @losfearssss

Mornings Thief – Ghostboy (Single)
Subgenre: Indie/Ambient
From: England, U.K
Twitter: @morningsthief

Warm Coat – Despite the Years (Single)
Subgenre: Lo-fi/Indie
From: Wales, U.K
Twitter: @warm_coat

Best Seller of the Same Name – Best Seller of the Same Name (Album)
Subgenre: Indie/Ambient
From: Barcelona, Spain
Twitter: @BSOTSN

Marooned – Mr. Tax Man (Single)
Subgenre: Blues
From: England, U.K
Twitter: @wearemarooned

Chasing Records – Still Waiting (Single)
From: London, Ontario, Canada
Twitter: @chasingrecband

Disparate Souls – Seasons (Album)
Subgenre: Indie/Alt-Country
From: United Kingdom
Twitter: @soulsdisparate

Danny End the Dictators – Relentless (Album)
Subgenre: Alternative
From: Antarctica
Twitter: @_Dannyend_

The Hum – Boy (Single)
Subgenre: Indie
From: Dublin, Ireland
Twitter: @TheHumOfficial

Gordon Taggert – Footsteps (Single)
From: London, U.K
Twitter: @gordontaggart1

TolbertToz – We Run (Single)
From: USA
Twitter: @TolbertToz

The Days of Tomorrow – Jealousy
From: England, U.K
Twitter: @thedaysoftomoro

Broken Field Runner – Field (Album)
From: USA
Twitter: @brokenfieldrun

Thanks everyone who submitted tracks to me back on December 22nd-25th for inclusion in this list. Really enjoyed listening through everyone’s submissions.

Friendly reminder to those of you with upcoming 2022 releases, I also conduct interviews via The Treehouse and would love to chat about what you’ve got. Check out the submission requirements page if you’d like to be considered for upcoming interviews and features.

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Have a safe and happy new years!

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