The Final Ladder

From the back of the Vault. I wrote this sometime in like 2005 after watching Ladder 49 with Jaoquin Phoenix. Great film if you haven’t seen it. This was originally submitted for a school assignment, ha.

I wish I hadn’t waited for the time to be right
‘Cause time won’t wait,
and then it’s far too late

I never thought I’d make a mistake,
that could affect me in such a way
But you can’t help but make errors,
If you don’t know what will happen in turn
My biggest regret was telling them I would never get hurt

I’ll watch as the door closes shut
Lose my faith when it snaps in place
And the fire burning down the walls,
Will greet me with a cold I’ve never known
Too afraid to have thoughts in mind,
I’ll carry on until the flames kiss me goodnight

When the light ends it’s narrow streak,
I’ll think about what could happen to me
But no matter how bad it turns out to be,
Tell them I didn’t feel a thing
Even if my face is as grey as the slate I’ll be buried in
And you can’t even tell what time the ceiling caved
Tell them I didn’t feel a thing

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