In The Press

If you watched the debate last night you no doubt caught Marek McLeod from Sault Ste. Marie pose a critical question to the candidates.

In case you missed it, The Toronto Star ran a story on it today, and if you read closely, you’ll see they picked up one of our comments from our live-tweeting of the event.

Read it here:

18-Year-Old Marek McLeod Stole the Spotlight at the English Federal Election Leaders Debate by Sima Shakeri

Make sure you get out and vote, even if you hate all the candidates it’s important to exercise your right to do so.

The advanced polls are open today through Monday September 13th and then the big day is September 20th, 2021.

I’ll be working the polling station in my area on the 20th and it’s my first time working the election so I’m pretty hype to be participating.

I went out and voted today to beat the rush and there was still a bit of a wait, so if you can, I’d try to go this weekend.

Happy voting!

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