Interview: Kevin Alejandro

From the interview archives.

When you decided to get into acting, you sold all of your possessions and moved across the country. How much thought did you give that decision before you made it?
Honestly, I didn’t have to give it much thought at all. I knew what I wanted to do and was willing to make any sacrifice necessary. It’s proven to be the right choice. I love what I do and I am fortunate to be one of the ones who gets to do it.

That’s quite a risky move that often doesn’t pan out for Hollywood hopefuls. Looking back, would you have done anything differently, or do you think that was exactly the right decision for you at that time?
I am firm believer of chasing your dreams. It was this mentality that’s got me to where I am today. I wouldn’t change a thing about it. It has been, and continues to be, a wonderful and challenging adventure.

You have a young son…. If he approaches you in his teen years and wants to make a similar risky or bold decision like chasing his dreams halfway across the country, would you support him or try to deter him and guide him to a less risky path?
I love my son, and this is his life. I would absolutely support his desire to fulfill his own dreams, and would help in any way I can. Of course, I would make him call his mommy and daddy every day though!! LOL!!

What would you say is the biggest misconception people have about you?
I think because I’m a little shy and a slightly socially awkward, I don’t really talk a lot when I first meet someone. Many people have mistaken that shyness for being a little arrogant. It’s not till they get to know me that they realize I’m really just a big goofy kid with terrible jokes!

When Lucifer came out, it received some backlash from groups like One Million Moms; they were worried about the show glorifying Satan. Do you think their concerns were valid?
Well, it actually proved to be a good thing that so many groups were concerned about a show called LUCIFER because it brought a lot of attention to us before we even aired. Many were curious what angle we were coming from. I think after the audience understood what kind of show we are they were able to invest in our characters. We are a show that doesn’t take ourselves too seriously and we have so much fun creating each episode. 

Creative outlets like film, music, art often receive this kind of backlash when the subject matter is, let’s say, less family oriented. Do you think it’s fair for people to go after art in that way? Almost as if they are casting blame on the art for influencing people rather than putting the onus on the viewers? Great Question! I think as artists we put ourselves out there to be heard and to hopefully have an impact on people’s lives. We do the things we do because there is an undeniable passion. Everything affects people in different ways and I think it’s amazing to see art, film, and music have an impact on human emotion. 

On the flip side, critics have praised Lucifer for it’s light hearted and comical approach to the story, do you think the series would have resonated with viewers the same way and been as successful if the writers had taken a more serious approach?
I think our even balance of both the comical and dramatic direction has proven to resonate within our audience. Our team of writers, producers, and actors bring a certain truth and humanity to our stories that make our show amazing to work on.

Complete this sentence for me: Right now, I would sell my soul for ___.
ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! But I WILL work my ass off to be the best human being I possibly can!!

I understand you started your own web series with Charlie Sheen signing on as an Executive Producer. How did that partnership come about and how has it been working with Charlie?
Yes. I directed and co-produced a web series called THE KEEPERS with my childhood best friend Stephen Monroe Taylor. Charlie Sheen came on board as our executive producer. Stephen worked as a recurring character on Charlie’s show ANGER MANAGEMENT. He approached him with a trailer we shot, and Charlie really enjoyed it. Charlie immediately jumped on board and helped us create our fun little series. Charlie is a wonderful loyal human being, and we could not have pulled it off without him. You can watch the episodes on my YouTube channel ALEJANDRO FILMS.

What inspired you to start a web series? Are their aspirations for full-length feature films produced by yourself in the future?
The idea for the series was created by Stephen. We sat down, outlined the idea together, and handed it over to Stephen’s wife to write it. This was the beginning of my new journey into producing and directing.  It has proven to be another passion of mine. I am currently going through the WARNER BROTHERS DIRECTOR’S WORKSHOP to prepare for my network television directorial debut. I am excited to be directing an episode of LUCIFER in Season 3!

You’ve frequently acted in dramatic roles, but I know you’d like to do more comedy. Who would you most like to work with in the comedy world? I think working with James Franco, Seth Rogan and all those boys would be a great time! I love their style of comedy, and it seems like they just have fun making movies together.

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