Your Way Records

Your Way Records was my record label I started around 20 years old. It’s now defunct, but it’s still important to me and my music career. We only released two records on it, and you can still listen to them for free online. Below I’ll provide some more info about these projects and where you can listen. (Coming soon, please be patient!)

Coming Soon: Independently Released Tunes

I could start another record label, but frankly that would be a lot to take on right now in addition to everything else. So all of the following releases will be independent, and if you’re an existing label interested in working with our roster (it’s all me) please contact them (me) at your earliest convenience to talk about what you can offer them (me).

The roster includes:

Crooked Forest; Punk/Rock from Vaughan Ontario. Currently a One-Woman Band (Seeking Band Mates Now!).
Jaimee Eat World; Exclusively Jimmy Eat World works as performed & recorded by Jaimee Jakobczak. This is sort of a personal project in no way affiliated with Jimmy Eat World, but I’d be interested in having some band mates join on for this too, as session players. Contact me if you’re interested in getting involved, no obligation necessary but you must have your own recording equipment and be able to track from home unless you live near wherever in the world I am at the time of tracking.

Jaimee Jakobczak;

Acoustic/Folk from Vaughan, Ontario.

My “Solo” project; no band at this stage.

For a sneak peek, try “Quiksand” available now on YouTube.

Debut EP coming soon.