Work With Me

Music Production, Recording & Mixing Services are offered on a flexible scale on a project basis. Get in touch with me today to discuss your project needs, goals, and budget so that I can better assess and develop a quote for you.

I’ve worked with some artists for as little as literally zero dollars to get their records made, so don’t shy away if you think you “don’t have the funds” – I’ll work with you to make sure you’re able to create, even on a low budget.

Songwriting and Session playing collaborations are a little different, too, as far as rates are concerned. Scroll on down below to learn a little more.

Music Production

Full-scale music production service to bring your ideas to life.

Whether you’re starting from scratch and haven’t yet put pencil to page, or if you already have an arrangement that needs some accompaniment, I offer a complete music production experience that can even be done remotely!

Audio Engineering

As an audio engineer with 14 years in the Canadian music industry, I bring a wealth of experience to any recording session.

From big budget pro-sessions to lo-fi home recording, I offer my audio engineering services at a flexible budget to suit your project needs with a fixed per-project rate.

Audio Mixing

Whether you have 4 tracks or 120, I can help you get all those frequencies sitting where they should be to prepare your tracks for mastering.

Track dependent, my mixing rates are offered on a per-song/per-project rate.


Already have a session full of recorded or programmed files but need a little tidying up?

I offer a wide range of audio editing services, too!

Including session organizing, midi & audio editing, file consolidation & exporting.

If you’re interested in any of the above services, send me an e-mail today at to get started.
The more details you can offer up front, the easier it’ll be for me to prepare a quick quote, but don’t feel rushed, we can talk it out.

Session Playing & Songwriting Collaborations

Never written a song before? Need guitar or bass for your tracks?

I’ve been a writer long before I became a musician, and started playing guitar at 13 years old to accompany my own lyrics.

If you’re not sure where to start but you’ve always wanted to write a song, I can help you with that.

Or, if you just want a different pair of hands to try to noodle out some lead guitar lines, need to re-work some rhythm guitar or just can’t quite get your bass line the way you want it, or maybe you want some harmonies on your vocal, I can help you with, that too.

The best examples of all my work are in my own original music; I dabble in rock, punk and folk music, but I have experience in pop, hip-hop and rap, as well.

Not everything I work on is available online so if you’re looking for a specific type of sample, reach out first and let me dig into my archives.

If you’re interested in collaborating, send me an e-mail today at to get started. I don’t have any sort of fixed rate for this, it could very well be free (but with a credit, of course!) so don’t hesitate if you just want to get the conversation going.

Livestream & Broadcast Operation

I’ve dabbled in livestream broadcasting and videoconferencing if you need that sort of thing, too.