Let’s Talk About Sessions Live!

…and the Predatory Nature of the Music Industry (that’s the end of the blog title but it seemed a little wordy). Recently I tried to log on to Sessions Live for my normal semi-regular livestream sessions to find that the website just doesn’t work anymore. The links lead nowhere and there’s a DNS error in place of what used to be a pretty elegant and … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Sessions Live!

Who & What Is Crooked Forest?

In an effort to get ahead of any confusion, here’s a quick overview on who Crooked Forest is… or is the right question “What is Crooked Forest?”… but also, it’s a place, isn’t it? I mean if you google it… Okay, let’s try to sort this one out together.  Who Is Crooked Forest? Well, they’re a band, and a girl.  In the shortest of explanations … Continue reading Who & What Is Crooked Forest?