Losing Our Minds For Isa Raja

It begins with an ominous edge, a single full-bodied acoustic guitar strumming chords with intention, each one struck a little more aggressive than the last. Or at least that’s how it seems as each chord descends into the next, carefully guiding us down into the depths with it like a precise town clock. The chords are replaced by single picked notes that bring with them … Continue reading Losing Our Minds For Isa Raja

Spotlight On: Woodsmoke

Today we’re turning the spotlight onto East Yorkshire-based filk-duo Woodsmoke. Woodsmoke recently released a digital reissue of their EP “Back To Nature” through IO Music Group and we penned some questions over to the guys about the record, the decision to reissue it and where you can catch them performing live. Where are you from?Hessle, just outside of Hull, East Yorkshire – England. “If I’d … Continue reading Spotlight On: Woodsmoke