Official Lyrics: If Not Now

Pulling the fabric at the seams
Something about this feels so real to me
I want to show you where I’ve been
I want to tell you my best stories
And the ones I try so hard to forget

It sounds crazy, believe me
Like I was always supposed to know you somehow
Not just in passing but how it all went down

Can you show me
You’ve got my full attention
Backstage in the dressing room of my favourite venue
The lights are off and there’s no one around
Tell me when if not now

It’s when your eyes meet mine
Something about this feels too real this time
I want to know if you remember
The first time that I met you
I was nervous, and so embarrassed
But you pretended not to notice
I swore you knew

Tell me about your years of rebellion
Tell me when you thought you lost it all
How did you pick yourself back up and
How far did you have to crawl