Official Lyrics: Camp

Damn that rye’s got my hands again
Making a Mochrie of me
Come on gotta pull it all together
Felt cutouts and sequin beads

Am I really in this thing?
Is it single-player or are there teams?
Do you have some well-thought up strategy?
Or do you just camp out ’til I show up on your screen?

Well it won’t be long now
No, it won’t be long now

Rounding this corner block for weeks
Hoping something will just jump out at me
Found a map but no clue what these symbols mean
Looks like a dessert but I’m lost in the trees

And I’m wondering if this old radio’s lost reception
Or if you slipped off the channel we agreed
Whatever comes will come eventually

C’mon now it’s not fair
You’ve been holding out on me
No way you landed there
Weren’t there some rules I could read?
Don’t think it’s supposed to take this long
You sure you know where we parked?
Am I making all this up?
What do you mean you didn’t drive?