Since I have multiple projects (3), all of my releases have their own pages where you can stream for free and learn more about the production behind them which you can jump to from their Discography page. Below you can read a quick bit about each project and jump to them if you want to hear more.

Jaimee Jakobczak (Folk/Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter)

The newest addition to the CF project arsenal, I released my debut solo EP showcasing a more introspective and folkier side of my songwriting. Jestem Krzywym Lasem was released to all major streaming services on October 29th, 2021.

Listen to the record in full on the Jaimee Jakobczak page and learn more about the making of this record by reading the blog series, beginning with Jestem Krzywym Lasem Track by Track: Quiksand.

Listen to the debut single “Driveway” and, if you like it, consider buying the album on CD through the online store.

Jaimee Eat World – The Exclusive Jimmy Eat World Discography Reimagined

This is an independent project where I’m rebuilding the entire Jimmy Eat World discography from scratch and putting my own spin on it in an effort to raise awareness for mental health initiatives.

Featured: Chachi from Jimmy Eat World’s 1994 debut (Released January 23rd 2021)

Crooked Forest (Rock/Punk)

The one that started it all, Crooked Forest is my rock band that hopes to one day grow into a real live band. It dives into punk and blues styles in a gritty idgaf fashion. Check out the 4 EP’s and multiple singles on the discography page today!

Put together for International Wrongful Conviction Day 2021.