Crooked Forest: Stumped

Stumped is a 5-song concept album of folk-based songs I conjured up while living in Barrie, Ontario for a short time between March 2021 and July 2021.

In short, Stumped takes you from the real-life catalyst event that both took me away from the music industry in my early 20’s and then brought me back to it in my late-20’s. Like AQP2S, it’s a look at the past (Quiksand), the then-present (Casual Conversation), and a look towards a hopeful future, with my own silly spin on what that would look like in an idyllic setting (Fortune Teller).

You can listen to these demos exclusively on Soundcloud where they were released under the album title “Stoop’d”.

The lead track “Quiksand” paved the way for what would become the debut album I’d release under my given name Jaimee Jakobczak & is also featured on that album.