Crooked Forest: Roots EP

The Roots EP was recorded in a very stripped down, lo-fi fashion, sticking with my two-microphone concept but removing all other elements from the productions.

This was for two reasons.

The first was to revisit some old songs that I’d never recorded before since I spent my early music career largely too afraid to complete a single project while living in my childhood home – the home I’d just returned to and ultimately did track this entire EP in the same bedroom I wrote most of the initial lyrics (hence the title, Roots).

The second was to begin showcasing more of the behind-the-scenes songwriting and production process for those who might not be wholly sure where to start or for those who are just interested in hearing the songs come together in different stages.

Roots is a collection of 10 songs in their rawest form with a single acoustic guitar rhythm track and vocals.

You can listen to the demo recordings for this EP exclusively on my Soundcloud page.

I’ve begun reworking many of these songs already so keep an ear out for updated recordings.