Honestly it hurts too much to thinkOf you with anyone but meAnd I’m not trying to be anything but happy I let go so long ago it seemsBut the extensions of these dreams still call and reach for meAnd I’m not trying to do anything but sleep When I think back to the dayBefore all … Continue reading Happy


I left them sat atop a bookshelfA set of tapes freshly woundStories convolutedAnd too long to simply write about No clear order to be foundNone more worthy of a crown As I set the final in its placeI felt my heart rip out my chestThrough the shelves and into the spinesOf the text below where … Continue reading Tapes

Wishing Well

Echoing through the cavernsLike hieroglyphics etched into the wellsThrough the crevices that led me inAnd shut me outJust as quick A single drip of waterFrom each direction that it fellBlotched caricatures of a manSignalling smoke out for help Down comes another quarterIt’s wallet forever out of reachSmacking against the concreteIt spins a few feet in … Continue reading Wishing Well

Spotlight On: Michael Chan – Debut Instrumental EP “Gaia”

Today my friend Michael Chan released his debut instrumental record called “Gaia” on Spotify. Listen To Gaia On Spotify, Pandora or Apple Music. Described as “a laid-back, contemplative perspective with solid beats and ethereal textures. The chilled-out vibe is perfectly suited for a relaxing atmosphere, clarity of mind, study, stretching and self-care.” My personal favourite … Continue reading Spotlight On: Michael Chan – Debut Instrumental EP “Gaia”


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