“Acceptance” Blog Series: About the Record

Neither Could Dylan

With our debut album “Acceptance” due out on April 7th, I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about the album in my own words and dive a little further into the songs that make up the album. 

If you’re familiar with my earlier projects, you might already know how this’ll go; I did one for my acoustic EP “Jestem Krzyzym Lasem” and first solo full-length for “The Clearing” which are available everywhere under Jaimee Jakobczak (that’s me).

The reason I mention those records, aside from the shameless plug to maybe check them out, is because they were pretty pivotal in discerning a direction for what would become Neither Could Dylan and this subsequent album and in the interest of record keeping I like to keep a little journal of my thoughts about these things as they continue…

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